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Sellercloud allows you to link a Purchase Order to a new or existing FBA Inbound Shipment if that PO is shipped directly to an Amazon Fulfillment Center (FBA).

You can link a PO to an FBA Shipment with all the PO items copied or you can copy PO items without linking a PO to an Inbound Shipment.

To associate a Purchase Order with a particular FBA Shipment:

  1. Go to Purchasing > Manage POs > Open a PO.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Sync to FBA Inbound Shipment.Sync to FBA
  3. A Sync to FBA Inbound Shipment pop-up window will open. Select Link to New FBA Shipment or Link to Existing FBA Shipment and click Next.
    Linking will copy the PO’s items to an FBA Shipment and connect the FBA Shipment to this PO so that your vendor can ship directly to FBA. Copying will only copy this PO’s items to an FBA Shipment.

    Four sync options will appear; continue below based on your choice:

    • Link to New FBA Shipment
    • Link to Existing FBA Shipment
    • Copy to New FBA Shipment
    • Copy to Existing FBA ShipmentLink PO to New FBA Shipment option
  4. Fill in the required fields and press Finish.
    Note: For products’ FBA Shipment SKU and FNSKU identifiers to appear, they must be Amazon-enabled.
    Link PO to New FBA - Finish
  5. Once processed, the associated FBA link will appear at the top of the Purchase Order page.FBA link at PO

For more information on managing FBA Inbound Shipments, refer to Introducing FBA Inbound Shipments.

You can have the vendor ship your order directly to FBA Inbound (Amazon Fulfillment Center). The process combines creating a purchase order with FBA inbound shipment as outlined below.

  1. Create new PO.
  2. Add items to PO.
  3. Set your FBA warehouse as the receiving warehouse for this purchase order.
  4. Select Create FBA Shipment for Vendor from Action Menu.
  5. Enter the quantity that the vendor will ship to FBA.
  6. If the item on the PO is a merchant fulfilled product, you be able to select a Amazon fulfilled shadow/parent from the FBA Shipment SKU drop down, This will set the ProductID on the shipment to the SKU recognized by Amazon, while keeping the ProductID recognized by the vendor on the PO.
  7. Enter FBA Shipment SKU (FNSKU) if one is missing (this can be done later through the action menu on the FBA Shipment).
  8. Press Create/Update FBA shipment.
  9. Click on shipment link above the grid to go to FBA shipment.
  10. The Ship From Address will be the vendor’s address on the vendor profile.
  11. Follow through the steps for managing the FBA Inbound Shipment (For more detailed information about FBA Inbound Shipments, click here.)
  12. Email PO to vendor. All relevant FBA info will be included in the email.
  13. You will receive notice when order is received by FBA – and system will automatically update the FBA shipment, the PO Status, and the inventory quantity in SellerCloud. Please Note: Because the items are being sent from your vendor directly to FBA, there should not be any movement history out of your warehouses.

After the FBA Inbound shipment has been previewed, the “Ship To” address on the purchase order will be set to the Amazon Fulfillment Center the shipment is being shipped. However, the “Ship To” address will only populate if the entire purchase order is being shipped to one Amazon Fulfillment Center.

Read here about creating a PO from an FBA Inbound Shipment.

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