Managing Channel Listings

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Understanding Listings
In Sellercloud, you can easily manage all your channel listings in one place. In order to list a product on your chosen retail channel, it must be enabled on that channel. To do this, you need to:

  • Access the Product’s Details > Toolbox > Select the Channel > General Settings (if applicable) > Check Channel Enabled

To disable a product, you can simply uncheck the box. Or, go to the Manage Inventory page and select Disable for Channel from the Action Menu.

Managing listings

Sellercloud makes launching, viewing, and updating your listings across multiple channels easy.

Launching listings

  1. Go to Inventory > Select Products > Select Action.
  2. Click Launch on Channel > Go.sellercloud launch listing on channel
  3. Select your Channel > Continuesellercloud launch on channel
  4. You can access the scheduled job using the notification. sellercloud queued job notification

Viewing and updating listings

You can update listings individually or in bulk. To manage them individually, you must:

  1. Access the Product’s Channel Properties Page.
  2. Use the Action Menu to update various product attributes. The example below shows Sears. sellercloud updating listings channel properties
  3. Then, click Go. A notification will confirm success of the action.

To update in bulk:

  1. Inventory > Search Inventory > Advanced Filters.
  2. In the Mode dropdown, select your desired Channel > Search.
  3. You can narrow your results by selecting a status under the Channel’s dropdown. The image below shows Sears. sellercloud channel mode and status
  4. Select Action > Edit Values. This lets you edit various fields, such as Site Price.sellercloud edit values
  5. When finished, Save.
  6. Then, select your desired products > Select Action > Update Inventory on (insert your channel here) > Go.

Understanding listings

In Sellercloud, you can easily manage all your channel listings in one place. In order to list a product on your chosen retail channel, it must be enabled on that channel. Some channels have specific requirements when posting or updating a listing.

Click here for a table that outlines some of these specifications.
  • When updating Amazon listings, you must manually update the pricing. AmazonPricesUpdateService must be installed on your server and the Amazon setting Allow Price Update (Regular) must be enabled.
  • When searching for Posted and Active Amazon listings in Sellercloud, the search results return listings that are on the Amazon Active Listing Report. Sellercloud periodically runs a service that looks at products on the reports and marks them as Posted and Active, etc. Therefore, you may have products that have been recently posted but will not be included in the Posted and Active search results.
When bulk editing Amazon listings from the Manage Inventory page, you can use the action Edit Values to edit listings manually. When changing specific details, use Edit Amazon Details. To edit multiple listings, use the Bulk Edit option.
  • Unlike most other channels, Sellercloud doesn’t send automatic price updates to Overstock. Overstock is a first party relationship and does not allow dropshippers to change the price as they like. Prices need to be approved by the buyer at Overstock. You can submit the price that you are willing to sell it for to Overstock but ultimately they control the prices displayed to the end consumer.
  • To update listings, select Revise Inventory from the Action Menu on the product’s Overstock Properties Page.
  • After the products are ready for Pricefalls, they will automatically upload to Pricefalls with the regular inventory upload. Likewise, Using the action Post to Pricefalls and Update on Pricefalls will not generate an upload to Pricefalls. Rather, they will be included in the regular inventory feed.
  • Properties can be found on the Pricefalls Properties Page. Required properties include:
    • Product Title
    • Category
    • Long Description
    • Fixed Price
    • Quantity
    • Manufacturer SKU
    • Shipping Cost
    • Shipping Type
    • Description Image
    • Pricefalls Enabled
Target You must complete the following product attributes on the Target properties page for the product to be included in the inventory feed:

  • Target Enabled
  • Merchant SKU
  • Target Web Tool ID
  • Target Initial Cost
  • UPC— Product Home page
Rakuten (
  • When enabling Exclude disabled products from inventory updates in Client SettingsSellercloud will disabled products from inventory updates
  • Checking the Exported to box on General Settings enables a filtered product search for products posted on
Walmart Marketplace
  • Walmart limits the Product Add and Update Inventory for single items to 10 items per hour. The image URL cannot have “https” in the URL or will fail to post; it must be “http.” You can adjust this on the Image Hosting Settings page. The image file size cannot exceed 1MB.
  • You can end a Walmart Marketplace listing using the action Retire Listing on the product’s Walmart Marketplace Properties page. Or, in bulk from the Walmart Marketplace:
    • Go to Inventory Management > Select products > Action Menu > Retire on Walmart Marketplace. This creates a queued job with link for progress tracking.


Managing Listings

Enabling listings

  1. Access Company Settings > Toolbox > Select your channel > General Settings.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Check the box (Channel) Enabled.

Launching listings from Manage Catalog

In this function, you can select one or multiple products to launch on your chosen retail channel.

  1. Access Catalog > Manage Catalog > Select your products.
  2. Click action menu > Launch on Channel.

  3. Select your channel > Launch.

Launching individual listings from product details

  1. Access Catalog > Manage Catalog > Select your product.
  2. Click Toolbox > Select your channel.
  3. Select Actions > Post.

Depending on the channel, you may see a different action listed in the drop down. If you don’t see the option to post to your chosen channel, launch the listing from Manage Catalog.

Updating listings

  1. Access Company Settings > Toolbox > Choose your Channel > General Settings.
  2. Click Edit > Controls.
  3. Select your settings. 
  4. Save.


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