Manage Payments in ShipBridge

Introducing ShipBridge Payments

ShipBridge imports paid orders from numerous channelssuch as AmazoneBayRakutenNeweggetc., into a single interface where they can all be fulfilled. In ShipBridge, you can easily find relevant information about payments and initiate refunds to your customers.

Viewing how much the customer paid for shipping

The amount the customer paid for shipping is referenced above the rate grid. 

To enable the setting to show the amount customer paid for the shipping: 

  1. Go to Menu Options Shipping tab. 
  2. Select setting Show how much customer paid for shipping (on Calculate Rates form).


To see the amount the customer paid for shipping: 

  1. Select an order from the grid. 
  2. Click Menu > Rate Calculator OR the F6 hotkey OR right-click an order > Calculate Rates.
  3. The amount is shown above the rate grid.

Viewing shipping payments

To view the rates you paid for each order that was shipped: 

  1. Open the ShipBridge Menu.
  2. Open Postage Log.Postage log
  3. The Postage column in the Postage Log tells you the price you paid to ship an itemIf an order was paid for by a third partythe postage amount will be zero. Shipping payments in the Postage log

Unshipping and refunding orders 

The Postage Log lets you easily unship and refund orders. This will send a refund-label request to the carrier. The Refund Without Unshipping Order and the Refund And Unship Order functions both to refund your orderYou will see this in the Postage Log under the Type column. 

  1. Go to Menu > Postage Log or use HotKey Ctrl+P. 
  2. Choose orders you wish to unship. 
  3. Right-click > Refund And Unship Order. Refund and unship order

Refunding an order without unshipping

You may want to refund an order without unshippingFor exampleif an order has been placed to ship but has not yet left the warehouseyou will not need to refund and unship the order. 

  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 mentioned above. 
  2. Right-click > Refund Without Unshipping Order. Refund without unshiping

If an order is marked Refundthis means that your order is scheduled to be refundedIf your order is marked Refundedthis means your order has already been refunded. 

Order status


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