Newegg Business Listings Management


Once you are integrated with Newegg Business, you can adjust and manage updates for channel-specific Product Listings directly from the Sellercloud interface. The product changes can be pushed either manually or automatically.

Additionally, Sellercloud allows you to post and update individual and multiple products via a file import. Prior to posting or updating a product on NewEgg Business, the product must be enabled for that channel.

Prepare a Product for Newegg Business

To prepare the product for posting on Newegg Business, enable that product for Newegg Business by following the steps below.

  1. Go to Catalog > Manage Catalog.
  2. Open the requested product.
  3. Click Toolbox, and select NewEgg Business Properties.
  4. In edit mode, select the Enabled checkbox that is available on the General panel.NewEgg Business Enabled

Post/Update Products Manually

In Sellercloud, you can submit updates for each product individually or in bulk.


To modify and manually push changes on the product information for Newegg Business Listings, follow the steps below.

  1.  Go to Catalog > Manage Catalog.
  2. Open the requested product.
  3. Click Toolbox, and select NewEgg Business Properties.
  4. Alternatively, to open the NewEgg Business Properties page, click the NewEgg Business icon on the Manage Catalog page (see figure below).NewEgg Business icon
  5. Once your changes have been made, click Actions, and select Update Inventory/Price on NewEgg Biz.Update Listings on NewEgg Business

In Bulk

To push the update of a single product or multiple products at once, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Catalog > Manage Catalog.
  2. Select the product(s) you want to update on NewEgg Business.
  3. Click the Actions icon, in the bottom-right corner, and select the Launch on Channel option.Update NewEgg Products
  4. In the Launch on Channel dialog box that appears, select NewEgg Business, and click the Launch button.NewEgg Business Product Update - Launch
  5. The task will be submitted to the Queued Job. Once processed, the update will be sent to the NewEgg Business site.

Adjust Automatic Updates

To initiate regular product updates on an automatic basis, make the following adjustments.

  1. Go to Settings > Companies > Manage Companies.
  2. Open the company for which you want to configure automatic product updates on the NewEgg Business channel.
  3. Click Toolbox, navigate to NewEgg Biz, and select General Settings.
  4. On the Controls panel, select the Enable Inventory Upload setting.NewEgg Business - Enable Inventory Upload

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