RMA Reasons

A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) reason defines the purpose of an order item return; for example, “wrong size.” Standard RMA reasons are available in Sellercloud by default, flagged as Global Reason on the RMA Reasons page, shown below. However, you can create your own list of RMA reasons to select whenever you create a new RMA.

RMA reasons differ from RMA resolutions. The reason defines why the customer wants to return an item (e.g., “Item is defective”), but the RMA’s resolution initiates an automated RMA resolution workflow in Sellercloud. For the RMA reason “Item is defective,” you could choose Set Resolution to Replace to auto-create a replacement order with all of the order information (customer address, item, etc.).

To create a new RMA reason:

  1. Click Settings> RMA Reasons.
  2. Enter the reason > Add Reason.

Click Hide > Save Settings to disable a reason from appearing on an RMA’s Reason list when creating a new RMA.

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