Creating an RMA Return Label

Return shipping labels can be generated in Sellercloud and emailed to the customer. Sellercloud’s shipping label log will track all generated return labels. This per-company log is located under Company Settings > Toolbox > Shipping Label Log.

To create an RMA label in Sellercloud, you first configure two return settings:
  1. Open Settings > select company > Toolbox > scroll down and select Return Settings.
  2. Enter the return address for the return label, and select the default Shipping Carrier and Shipping Service. The carrier set here becomes the default for all new RMA return labels.
    Do not put spaces, parentheses, or dashes into the Phone field since this may cause errors; format the number as shown below:

  3. Select ToolBox Shipping API > confirm that the API credentials shown are for the default company for your RMA labels.

To print an RMA label, see the tutorial How to Create an RMA

Generating a return label

After you have completed or verified the above:

  1. Open Orders and select Manage RMA; or,
  2. You can print a label right after creating an RMA from the Orders Page
  3. Under Manage Return Labels, select Create New Label.
  4. Verify the information generated, and change Shipping CarrierShipping Service, Weight if needed. 

After you select Generate Label, you can email the RMA label to the customer or download the label to your local device as a PDF file and print it anytime.

Voiding an RMA label

To void the RMA label, select Manage Return Label.

On the Manage Return Label, select the label you want to void. 

From the dropdown menu, select Void Label. 

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