Rush Orders


If the customer pays extra to upgrade the shipping service, then the order is considered rush and will be delivered faster than a standard shipment. In Sellercloud, you can mark your orders as Rush and set the services to Rush by preference.

Set Rush Services

You can configure shipping services to be treated as Rush. The orders will be then marked as Rush.
Rush services can be automatically selected on orders by:

  • Configuring Shipping method mapping
  • Setting shipping preferences on a product: on the Product Detail page, go to Toolbox > Shipping Preferences  > Select a carrier and methodShipping carrier and method
  • Using custom plugins such as post order and order export plugin types

Note: To run rush order workflows, select Enable Client Level Rush Order Preferences in Client Settings.

Mark Services as Rush in Sellercloud

  1. Go to Settings > Shipping > Shipping Services Preference.
  2. Mark the corresponding services as Rush.
    1. Custom services can be added as per your request by Sellercloud Support.Rush services
For Amazon Orders, certain services (like Expedited, Prime, Second Day, and Overnight) are always considered rush and these orders will be marked as Rush even if not explicitly configured through the shipping service preferences.
eBay’s Guaranteed Delivery orders can be automatically marked as Rush Orders by enabling a the relevant client setting.

View Rush Orders

You can set custom filters to view only rush orders.

View Rush Orders in Sellercloud

  1. Go to Orders > Manage Orders.
  2. On the Manage Orders page, click Add Filter > Rush Orders.
  3. Select Rush Only and click Search.View rush orders

View Rush Orders in Shipbridge

In the Rush Orders filter field, select Rush Only and click Refresh List.Rush order Shipbridge

Note: You can set orders as Rush on the Order Detail page by clicking Actions > Set Rush or by selecting the Rush Order option in the Statuses panel.

Rush services are applied for orders marked as Rush Order. Services used for such orders can be selected from the Settings tab > Shipping Services Preferences. Enable Client Level Rush Order in Client Settings is required for Rush Order workflows.

Those methods will be default for all channels unless the channel has specific Rush Settings (like eBay).

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