Shipping Method Mapping

Using shipping method mapping

Sellercloud’s shipping method mapping tool allows you to easily customize shipping for each channel integrated with their account. This includes shipping options such as expedited shipping, Second Day, Standard, overnight, and more. Sellercloud is integrated with major carriers including DHL, FedEx, UPS and more. When orders are downloaded into Sellercloud, the shipping method chosen by the customer will import, as well.

Product-level shipping method selections take precedence over Order Level shipping methods for non-rush orders.

Since the names of these shipping methods are used to indicate the shipping method, you can map the names to correspond with shipping methods in Sellercloud. This helps streamline your business’s shipping processes. For example, you can map a shipping selection of Standard to UPS Ground. When the order downloads into Sellercloud, the shipping method will automatically replace Standard with UPS Ground.

Some channels may have unique shipping specifics. Click here for information related to each channel.
Amazon Amazon names shipping options generically, like Standard, Expedited, and Overnight. On your Amazon Seller Central account, you can set which options you will be offering your customers.
eBay Contact Sellercloud Support to add additional eBay shipping services.

The eBay Site dropdown will only show the option for US shipments. This is because eBay uses this mapping for all sites, including eBay Motors.

Hayneedle Hayneedle will send a shipping code with the order to instruct you how to ship the item. However, that code will need to be “deciphered and translated” to a shipping method recognized by Sellercloud. Additionally, the carrier used for shipping included in the tracking notification needs to be sent back in the code recognized by Hayneedle.
Fingerhut Fingerhut communicates the required shipping method via codes. Likewise, the shipping codes must be mapped for sending the shipping confirmation. To ensure that you are mapping the codes properly for incoming and outgoing, please check the updated code mapping on CommerceHub.

  1. Log in to the Dashboard.
  2. From the Dashboard, on the top left you will see an Admin tab.
  3. Click on that and you will see Integrated Message codes.
Google Shopping Actions  Google Shopping Actions orders will download into Sellercloud with the shipping method that the customer selected.

When making a shipping method mapping for Google, you’ll need to grab the Service Name from a Google Express Shipping Template.

Groupon Marketplace Groupon orders download into Sellercloud with the shipping method BEST. You can map the method to a Sellercloud shipping method so that the shipping method will display properly in Sellercloud.

  1. Settings > Toolbox > Groupon Settings > Shipping Method Mapping.
  2. Enter BEST in the text field.
  3. Select the Sellercloud carrier and method.
  4. Mark as Rush service if applicable. Rush services on the order level take precedence over the shipping preference set on the product level.
  5. Save.
Walmart Dropship Walmart will send a required Shipping Method in a code form which must be mapped in Sellercloud. Unlike most other channels, mapping must be configured for incoming orders and outgoing shipping notifications. This is because the incoming code differs from the outgoing code. View the Walmart Ship Code Map document for code mapping instructions.

If you are using Walmart Direct there will be different codes to map and the outgoing code should be the same as the Incoming code.
Wayfair Wayfair shipping method mapping can be based on ship service codes or carrier codes when Enable Wayfair shipping method mapping per carrier is enabled in Client Settings
Magento Go to Client Settings and check Enable Shipping method mapping for Magento.
Overstock Overstock will send a shipping code with the order to instruct you how to ship the item. Additionally, the carrier used for shipping included in the tracking notification needs to be sent back in the code recognized by Overstock. The shipping method mapping can be configured from Company Settings > Overstock > Shipping Method Mapping.

  • Code to Receive— Select the shipping service level that overstock will be requiring. For example “Next_Day” .See attached image.
  • Code To Send— Select the Overstock carrier code that corresponds the Sellercloud shipping method. In the tracking notification, Sellercloud with send the carrier code back to Overstock to confirm the order’s shipping status. See attached images.

OverStock Code to Recieve

Overstock Code to Send 1

OverStock Code to Send 2

Unbeatable Sale The shipping method on Unbeatable Sale orders will import into Sellercloud in the Unbeatable Sale format:

  • UPSG
  • UPS2
  • UPS3
  • UPSN
  • USPS
It can only come in to Sellercloud with these options because the shipping method selection on Unbeatable is limited. You can still map each selection to a Sellercloud formatted shipping method selection.

Mapping shipping methods

Alpha interface

  1. Go to your desired Company > Toolbox > Choose the channel > Shipping Method Mapping. This example shows Google Express as the channel.
  2. In the Source Shipping Method field, enter the Service Name from your chosen shipping template for that channel.
  3. Choose the carrier and method from the Local Shipping Carrier and Local Shipping Method fields.
  4. Check the Rush Service setting if orders using this shipping method will be rushed.
  5. Click Save.

Some channels may not require you to enter the information above, such as Source Shipping Method, Local Shipping Carrier, etc. Instead, there will be a grid where you can choose the shipping method from a dropdown.

  1. Again, choose your Company > Toolbox > Shipping Method Mapping. This example shows Amazon as the channel.
  2. On this new page, choose the Shipping Method for each Channel Method Name. sellercloud shipping method mapping
  3. Finally, click Save Mapping.

Delta interface

For some channels, you’ll have the option to indicate a shipping method is a Rush Service. To set a shipping method as rush, simply check the Rush Service box.
  1. Go to Company Settings > Company > Toolbox.
  2. Select your Channel > Shipping Method Mapping.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Now, for each Channel Method Name select a Shipping Method. This example shows Amazon as the channel. sellercloud shipping method mapping amazon
  5. Finally, Save.

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