Sell on SpreeCommerce

SellerCloud communicates with Spree via API.

Spree Account Integration

  1. The Spree webcart plugin, orders table, and SP should be added to your server by SellerCloud Support. Whenever the webcart plugin is added or updated, the newest SQL scripts must be run on your server to add/update order table and SP.
  2. Log into an admin in the Spree backend.
  3. Navigate to Users tab.
  4. Select Add New User.
  5. The page should look like the image below. From here, set up an Admin user. The email and password are not important, but it is critical that the user is an admin.
  6. Go back to SellerCloud.
  7. Navigate to Settings > if multiple companies, choose company > Toolbox > Website > Website General.
  8. Choose Custom from the Store Type from the dropdown and select the Spree plugin from the Store Plugin drop down. Save.
  9. Go back to the toolbox and navigate Toolbox > Website > SellerCloud Plugin Website > Website Cart General.
  10. The Website URL should be set to, where ‘example’ is replaced with the website domain name.
  11. The API Token should be populated using the Key generated from the new admin user in the Spree backend.
  12. The Default Shipping Category ID should be set to ‘1’.
  13. Save and test settings.

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