Selling on Amazon Sites Outside US

As one of the biggest online markets, Amazon has expanded outside of US and offers markets throughout North America and Europe to name a few. SellerCloud’s Amazon integration enables all Amazon international accounts to be managed by your SellerCloud account.

There are two Amazon configuration options when selling on Amazon international marketplaces:

    • Amazon Unified Accounts- Amazon unifies North American account or European accounts under a single SellerCentral account. Instructions to integrate this type of account with SellerCloud is available here.
    • Individual International Amazon Accounts- If you have an account with a specific Amazon international marketplace, such as Amazon CA or Amazon UK alone, follow the instructions below to integrate.


    1. The first step is to create a new company. On the new company profile, set the country code and currency.
    2. Navigate to your company’s Amazon General Settings and fill in your credentials following these instructions.  Be sure to follow the noted details to retrieve credentials for international accounts.
    3. If you are selling the same items as exist in any other SellerCloud company, you will need to create shadows SKUs into the new. Keep in mind that since you have selected a different currency, the Amazon price may need to be updated. More info can be found here.
    4. If you want to manually update currency conversion rates you can enable the client setting Enable manual currency conversion rates. This will enable a new menu on the company’s Toolbox.

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