Setting and Transferring Bin Qty Using Bin Details


Due to warehouse reorganizations, too many products in an existing bin (spillover), or the need to remove damaged items from a bin, you may need to adjust recorded quantities in individual bins and make transfers of quantities between bins. Sellercloud facilitates this through the Bins Details function.

Steps to transfer inventory between bins and adjust quantities
  1. Go to the Inventory tab, search for a SKU, click on it.
  1. Click Bin Details to display the Warehouse Bins page.
  1. Here you can:
    1. Do bin transfers by selecting the bin and selecting Transfer from the Select Action drop-down,
    2. Adjust Inventory or Set Physical Inventory.
  1. Click the checkbox next to a warehouse and press GO. The Transfer Bin page is displayed..
  2. Enter a Bin Name in Move To Bin.
  3. Enter a quantity in QTY to Move.
  4. Click Transfer Now. The bins reflect their new quantities.
Picking Bin Considerations:
1) Quantities in a picking bin can not be adjusted.
2) If a picking bin quantity is negative, you will need to transfer quantity in from a normal bin to zero it out.
3) If a picking bin shows to many units, you will need to transfer the excess quantity to a normal bin.
Adjust Inventory (increases/decreases bin quantity)
  1. Select Warehouse.
  2. Enter Bin Name.
  3. Enter Qty to Adjust.
  4. Enter Reason.
  5. Click Adjust Inventory.

Set Physical Inventory (overrides bin quantity)

  1. Select Warehouse.
  2. Enter Bin Name.
  3. Click Set Physical.

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