Transfer Physical Inventory

At times you may need to transfer inventory from one location to another (e.g. multiple stores or not enough room, etc.). With Sellercloud, you can transfer between facilities and track them from the moment of request, through transit, and arrival.

Transferring inventory between warehouses can be accomplished in 3 ways:

  • For a single product transfer – Transfer Inventory tab on the Product Warehouse page.
  • For a single product or Multiple product transfer – Transfer Between SKUs page on the Inventory menu.
    This requires the client setting Enable Inventory Transfer from SKU to SKU.
  • For single or multiple product transfer  – Warehouse Inventory Transfer tool on the Manage Inventory page.

The Transfer Inventory tab on the Product Warehouse (Product > Toolbox > Warehouse) page works with a simple process. You simply select the warehouse you want to transfer from, and a warehouse you want to transfer it to. Then enter the amount of units to transfer and click Transfer Inventory.

The Transfer Between SKUs page on the Inventory menu works in a similar manner. Enter the SKU whose inventory you want to transfer (use the Find link to select the SKU from you catalog), select the transferring from and transferring to warehouses, and enter the quantity you are transferring. You can also download the template to transfer inventory with a file upload. Importing the template enables you to transfer inventory for multiple products simultaneously.

For larger companies with multiple employees processing different stages of transfer, the preferred transfer tool is the Warehouse Inventory Transfer tool on the Manage Inventory page.

  1. Click on Warehouse Inventory Transfer in the Inventory menu.
  2. Click New Request.
  3. Select the warehouse from which the product is leaving.
  4. Select an interim warehouse through which the product will be transferred.
  5. Select a final warehouse to which the product will be stored.
  6. Add products to your request. Use the search products window and filter your search if desired. Add multiple products at one time by pasting the SKUs in the text box. Save the products to the transfer request.
  7. Add quantities in the grid, and save the request.
  8. Open the Action menu and click Set Requested.
  9. When the item is ready to ship, open the action menu again and click Set Shipped. At this point the inventory will switch over to the interim warehouse.
    • To edit shipped qty, set the transfer to “Unshipped” in the action menu, then edit qty and set as shipped again.
  10. When the item is received at the other warehouse, open the action menu again on this request and click Set Received. Setting the inventory as Received will transfer the inventory to the final warehouse.

Different employees can be assigned to process different stages of the transfer, using the filters on the Warehouse Inventory Transfer page to filter the transfer requests. For example, the employee who actually ships the shipment, can filter the transfer requests in the Status filter by selecting the Requested status for transfer requests. This will bring up all requests that have been approved for shipping. Then, the employee can open each request and set them with a Shipped status.

All stages of the transfer will be logged by user and date of action.

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