Understanding Inventory Terms

Sellercloud calculates inventory and records quantities in several places using different terms. This topic introduces the common inventory terms that appear in two locations.

Terms on the Product Home page

Aggregate Qty Quantity that is available for sale (Physical Inventory in Product Warehouse – Reserved Qty  = Aggregate Qty).

Note: While this is the available qty, safety qtys will limit the available qty per channel.

Physical Inventory Sum total of Aggregate Qty + Reserved Qty.

This is the total qty that you have available in your sellable warehouses.

Physical Inventory (including non-sellable)
Sum of total Physical Inventory + unsellable inventory (ex: inventory in an interim warehouse)

Total Inventory across all warehouses. This appears when the Client Setting Show Physical Qty including non-sellable in product home page is enabled.

Reserved Quantity that has been reserved from the Physical inventory for open orders. Reserved inventory is categorized as Unpaid orders and Paid but not yet shipped.

Terms on the Manage Inventory page

Note: These columns appear when the relevant Client Settings are enabled.

Agg Available Qty

Quantity that is available for sale. (Physical Inventory – Reserved Qty = Aggregate Qty).

Ph. Agg. Qty Total Inventory across all warehouses. (Ph. Sellable Agg. Qty + Non sellable Qy = Ph. Agg. Qty.  Alternatively, Agg Available Qty + Reserved Qty + Non sellable = Ph. Agg. Qty).
Non sellable Qty Qty across all unsellable warehouses.
Reserved Qty Quantity that has been reserved from the Physical inventory for open orders.
Ph. Sellable Agg. Qty The sum total of Aggregate Qty + Reserved Qty.

For technical reasons, the above calculation is used rather than pulling the qty from the product warehouse.

Total Inventory A column shown above the grid, this relates to Inventory Valuation.

The Client Setting Show Total Inventory in Manage Inventory Grid using .. controls the mapping of that value to either the Ph. Agg. QtyPh. Sellable AggQty, or Agg Avail Qty with a default setting of Agg Avail Qty.

Read about inventory movement history.

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