Wish Orders

Automate Wish Order Download and Tracking Upload

  1. Navigate to Wish Settings. These settings are per-company based.
  2. Enable setting Enable Order Download. Orders download approximately every 30 minutes.
  3. Enable Setting Enable Tracking Export. Tracking and Ship Date will automatically be sent to update the order status on Wish.

Cancelling and Refunding a Wish order

Wish allows merchants to cancel orders with full refunds only. You cannot give a partial refund.
  1. Select Cancel/Refund Orders from the action menu.
  2. Select a reason for the cancellation.
  3. Press Cancel/Refund and Wish will refund the customer and deduct the payment from Wish for this order in your next payment cycle.

Customer Generated Cancellations

Wish allows a customer to cancel an unshipped order within three days of order creation. Wish will email you with the cancellation and post it on your Wish Merchant portal. SellerCloud will poll for order cancellations and update any cancelled wish order to a Cancelled status. If a refund was issued on Wish, the order will be updated in SellerCloud as Refunded/Cancelled. Please be aware that Wish needs shipping confirmation to prevent the customer from cancelling the order.

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