Wish.com Product Promotions

Wish.com can create Product Promotions at any time where they’ll promote your product. For the duration of the promotion, you are restricted from raising the price or decreasing inventory availability. Read about all of wish product promotion policies here. This poses a challenge to multi-channel merchants as inventory is depleted through other channels.

SellerCloud offers several options to manage inventory during product promotions:
  • Manually reserve inventory – This allows you to set a reserve on inventory for a specific channel. The drawback is that you need to set a reserve duration, but that duration is left to Wish.com discretion. Read more here.
  • Disconnect inventory feeds for Wish, so that inventory will only decrease, unless manually updated. This can be done on a company or product level. Read more here.
  • Allocate inventory to a Wish warehouse. Create a warehouse for Wish.com and place inventory into that warehouse to send to Wish. Then, on the channel warehouse page configure Wish orders to deduct from the Wish Warehouse, and restrict inventory feeds to Wish from Wish warehouse. Read more here.

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