Products can be related to other products as accessories. This is primarily used when Sellercloud is being used to control a website, where accessories are displayed on a Product Detail page. It can also be used by sales people to track which products are compatible while trying to upsell. There are three ways to add accessories:

  1. Add accessories to an item by opening the toolbox on the product detail page and clicking Accessories. Select an item (or download from template – see second option).
  2. If there is a standard group of accessories, it can be set as an Accessory Template so that it can easily be added to products in one step. Create accessory groups under Company Settings > Company Name > Toolbox > Product Accessories Template. Add a template and add items to it by clicking on the  Add Items button located in the middle of the grid.
  3. You can also import an accessory template file under Inventory > Import Product Info > Import Product Accessory.

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