Eye4Fraud Account Integration


Eye4Fraud screens, verifies, and guarantees your online orders so you can sell and ship with confidence anywhere in the world. Eye4Fraud will eliminate your fraud chargebacks by identifying fraudulent orders before they are shipped, and will increase your sales by approving every last good order. If you do get a fraud chargeback on an approved order, Eye4Fraud will reimburse you for the full order total.

Orders can be sent directly from Sellercloud to Eye4Fraud for verification and responses will be brought into Sellercloud. You can automatically select and send specific orders to Eye4Fraud based on pre-defined rule sets;  based on the response, the orders can be kept on hold or released for shipping automatically. Contact Sellercloud Support for details.


Before you start, make sure that the client setting Enable Eye4Fraud is enabled for your account or contact Sellercloud Support.

Eye4Fraud Integration

  1. Go to Settings > Companies > Manage Companies > Open your company.
  2. From the Toolbox, select Fraud Management > Eye4Fraud Settings.
  3. Enter the Eye4Fraud API credentials and Save.
  4. Go to Orders > Manage Orders > Open an order.
  5. Open the Fraud check tab and press the Post to Eye4Fraud link. Eye4Fraud’s response will be saved on the order notes.
The following orders will not get posted to Eye4Fraud:

  • Orders that don’t have any credit card payments at all.
  • Orders that have credit card payments but the payment amount is 0.
Depending on Eye4Fraud’s response, further processing of the order (putting orders on hold, etc.) can be handled by custom plugins designed specifically for you by Sellercloud developers.

Eye4Fraud Advanced Integration

This advanced connection is achieved via a plugin and scheduled task which allows for orders to be sent to Eye4Fraud automatically and kept On hold or released for shipping based on the response. To integrate:

  1. Contact Sellercloud Support to install the plugin for this connection on your server.
  2. Create a saved search of all the orders that you want to post to Eye4Fraud.
  3. Go to Settings > Scheduled Tasks > Manage Scheduled Tasks and click the green button Create New Scheduled Task to run the custom plugin.The image shows how to create a scheduled task.

Plugin Settings Configuration

Order custom columns

  • EYE4FRAUD – string, represents the Eye4Fraud status

Custom company settings

  • PutFraudOrdersOnHold – boolean, defaults to false
  • Eye4Fraud_SkipProcessingOrdersWithPayPalPayment – boolean, defaults to false
  • Eye4Fraud_SkipProcessingOrdersByWholesaleCustomers – boolean, defaults to false
After an order is submitted for a fraud check to Eye4Fraud and the status is queried, that status is stored in the order custom column EYE4FRAUD.
Before posting an order, this custom column is checked for the Eye4Fraud status. If the order source is Magento or the custom column has any of the statuses listed below, it means that the order has already been posted to Eye4Fraud and now it only needs to be queried for an update.
  • Pending Insurance
  • Error
  • Awaiting Response
  • The custom column is empty
If the custom column EYE4FRAUD is empty, the order will be posted to Eye4Fraud and will immediately query for status. Next, the status will be updated in the custom column for that order.
If the new Eye4Fraud order status is different than Approved, Insured, or Allowed, the order will be put On Hold.

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