Prepare FBA Qty

Please read first! This feature is only available in SellerCloud’s original design. It is NOT available in the Delta interface.

The Prepare FBA Qty feature lets you track which items/quantities were packed for FBA.

This is done by marking the items as prepared for FBA. The actual preparing can also be managed in this workflow including getting prep guidance and printing labels.

  1. Open the Action Menu on the FBA shipment and click Prepare Quantity.
  2. On the following screen, you can enter the SKU or UPC of an item in the shipment or click Find to do a general search of items in the shipment.
  3. Click on the item’s SKU. The screen will refresh to display the SKU in a grid.
  4. By default, products that are fully prepared will not display upon selection. Check the Show already prepared products to display them if desired.
  5. By default, packages that have already been shipped will not display. However, this can be controlled by client setting Allow to prepare FBA shipment at any stage.
  6. If desired, get prepare instruction from the action menu to physically prepare the items as they are packed.
  7. Enter the units picked and packed into the Prepared Qty Now field.
  8. Enter the qty of boxes prepared in the Prepared Boxes Now field if desired.
  9. Press Save. The Qty Prepared field will populate.
  10. You can also print the FBA Labels for the product by selecting the label type and pressing Save and Print. The number of labels printed will default to the qty prepared. Customized labels can also be printed with plugins from the action menu.
  11. Press Prepare Other to select another SKU in the Shipment.
  12. To delete a prepared qty, select a package and press Delete Prepared, or use the Delete Prepared action in the Prepare Qty action menu.
  13. Prepared qty can be imported in bulk by downloading the sample file, filling in the values, and importing it.
  14. The qty prepared will display on the FBA inbound shipment.
  15. When preparing, if you realize you have less or more to ship, the Qty to Ship can be changed to match the Qty Prepared using the action Revise QtyToShip based on  QtyPrepared in the FBA Inbound shipment action menu.

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