Sell on AspDotNetStorefront shopping cart software can create a website that includes multiple storefronts. Although the setup of the website can get technical, the end result is a website that meets your exact specifications. Additionally, skilled programmers can take advantage of the source code for extra customization.
SellerCloud´s API integration with ASPDOTNET enables you to connect to your web store for standard operations, like posting new products, synchronizing inventory, updating prices, and managing orders.

AspDotNetStorefront Account Integration

  1. Go to Settings > Company Settings > Toolbox > Website > General.
  2. Select AspDotNetStorefront as the Store Type and Save.
  3. Go to Toolbox > Website > SellerCloud Integrated Website AspDotNetStorefront General.
  4. Enter the WebService URL. The format is
  5. Enter Username and Password.
  6. Select Store Version.
  7. Test Connection from action menu.
  8. Save.
  9. Download categories from action menu. They will display on Website Properties page of products for selection.
  10. Go back to Toolbox > Website > General.
  11. Enable Order Download, Tracking upload when you are ready to ship orders through SellerCloud.
  12. Enable order download limit to prevent old from importing, if applicable.
  13. Enable Inventory and price upload when your products have correct inventory available.
Please Note: The product must be “Website Enabled” on the Website properties page for the available inventory to upload. Otherwise, an inventory of zero will upload for that product. Bulk update with column header WebEnabled. Expected values are True or False.

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