Sell on Kirklands

Kirklands is a site that focuses on selling home furniture and decorations.

SelleCloud integrates with Kirklands via scheduled tasks and specialized plugins.

Requires Custom Company Settings on Default Company

  • KirklandSeller_ISAID
  • Kirkland_ISAID
  • KirklandSeller_VendorNumber
  • ISAControlNumber
  • GSControlNumber
  • STControlNumber
Those settings will be provided by Kirklands

Required Product Custom Columns

  • KIRKLANDS_SKU – stores Kirklands SKU


  1. Product Export (EDI 846) – Exports inventory for Kirklands
  2. Order Import (EDI 850-860) –Imports EDI 850 (order) and 860 (PO change request) documents from Kirkland’s.
    • Orders are imported as Paid.
    • Shipping method (on the 850) is FedEx, either Ground or 2Day.
    • On the 860, if any items are cancelled, the order will be placed on hold with an order note.
    • Purchase Order Acknowledgement (855) is automatically exported for each 850.

  3. Tracking Export (EDI 856) – Exports tracking for Kirklands.Marks orders as SrcUpdatedForShipping = True.
  4. Invoice Export (EDI 810) –Exports 810 invoice file for Kirklands.Pulls requested ship and delivery dates from order note created by order import (850) plugin.Marks orders as InvoiceSentToOrderSource = True.

Additional Plugins

Two size types of packing slips plugins are available that fit the requirements for Kirklands.

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