Shipping Cost Adjustments


Sellercloud lets you update the order’s Shipping Cost by making Shipping Cost Adjustments. If the estimated Shipping Cost in the order differs from its actual value, you can manually adjust it at the carrier level or within individual FBA Inbound Shipments.

This feature can be used when you know you will have a surcharge or a handling fee that will be applied to your original shipping quote. Alternatively, you can enter a negative value if you expect to apply a discount to the original quote. Please note this will only affect orders and does not affect products.

Make Shipping Cost Adjustment per Carrier

  1. Go to Settings > Shipping > Shipping Cost Adjustments.
  2. In the Adjustment text box, enter the shipping cost adjustment value for each carrier.
    You can enter either positive or negative values.
  3. Indicate whether the adjustment is in dollars or is a percentage.Shipping Cost Adjustment
  4. Once finished, scroll down and click Update to apply the changes.Update Shipping Cost Adjustments
  5. Once updated, the new Shipping Cost will be reflected in the Profit & Loss report for each associated order.

Make Shipping Cost Adjustment per FBA Shipment

  1. Go to Inventory > FBA Inbound Shipments > Manage FBA Shipments.
  2. Open the FBA Shipment you want to make an adjustment to.
  3. Click Toolbox and select Shipping Cost.Shipping Cost for FBA
  4. On the Shipping Cost panel, click the pencil icon.
  5. In the Shipping Cost text box, correct the Shipping Cost and enter its adjusted value.Change Shipping Cost for FBA
  6. Save the changes by clicking the check icon.
  7. The Per Unit Shipping Cost field will automatically update to indicate the shipping cost per product unit in a package.
  8. In the upper-right of the selected FBA Shipment, click Actions and select Shipping Costs Adjustments on Orders.Shipment Costs Adjustments on Orders
  9. Select the items in the order that you want to apply the adjustment to.
  10. Click Save.Save Shipping Adjustment Change

To access the configuration options, go to Settings > Client Settings > General Client Settings > Advanced.

Allow to display adjusted Shipping Cost on Orders Enable this option to make Shipping Cost Adjustments item appear under the Shipping menu.

Prerequisite: You must enable the Client Setting Allow to display adjusted shipping cost on orders to see this function under the Settings menu.

If you find that the estimated shipping costs generated by Sellercloud differ from the actual costs, you can manually adjust these costs for any of the available carriers in Sellercloud:

  1. Click Settings > Shipping Cost Adjustments (see the Prerequisite above).
  2. The Adjustment field accepts both negative and positive values and in either percentage or dollars.
  3. Click Update when done making adjustments.

When shipping package information is imported into Sellercloud from Amazon, Sellercloud will import the total shipping cost per label, and divide the shipping cost to each unit in that shipment.

If you want to include this shipping cost data in the order’s P&L, you can create a shipping cost adjustment.

To create the adjustment:

  1. Click Inventory > FBA Inbound Shipment > Shipment # > Search.
  2. Click the shipment’s ID to open it.
  3. Click Action Menu > Shipping Costs > Go. Here, you will see the shipment’s cost information:

          Shipping Cost – Total shipping cost (you can manually Update that field here)
    Total Units – Total quantity of items shipped
    Per Unit Shipping Cost – Shipping cost for each item in the shipment

  4. To create the adjustment, return to the main shipment page > click Action Menu > Shipping Costs adjustments on Orders > Go. This will show all orders that came in after the shipment was received by FBA, and that have this product ID and are fulfilled by FBA:
  5. Select the orders to which to apply the adjustments > enter the adjustments in the Shipping Cost Adjustment field > click Save Adjustments. The adjustments will appear in the Existing Adjustments column:
  6. Adjustments will also appear on the order’s P&L tab, below.
    Note: An order’s Adjustments field may include all types of adjustments, not just adjustments to shipping orders.

  7. An order’s Adjustments cannot be edited in an order; to revise a Shipping Cost adjustment, click the Adjustments figure to open the pop-up shown below.
    1. From the Type dropdown, select “FBA Shipping Cost Adjustment.”
    2. Select the adjustment ID > Action Menu > Delete > Go. This removes the shipping cost adjustment so you can re-enter it (as described in Step 5 above):

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