Settlements are reports sent by a channel that contain information about order-related fees, commissions, and taxes.

Settlements imported automatically

The following channels include settlements in their feeds:

These are automatically imported into Sellercloud at regular intervals. To see these settlements, click Company > Toolbox > Settlements > enter date range and channel > click Search. Show me where.

Settlements imported manually

Other channels do not include settlements in their feeds, but you can manually import them into Sellercloud.

You always have the option to manually import settlements from the same channels that automatically import them (Amazon, eBay, Newegg, and Walmart Marketplace).
  1. Click Company > Toolbox > Settlement > Import Settlement > choose the channel from the Channel dropdown. Show me where.
  2. The next action to take depends on the chosen channel:
  • Amazon, Best Buy, Overstock, and Sears – Choose file to upload
  • eBay – Enter period
  • Newegg – Enter settlement to/from dates
  • Walmart Marketplace – Enter settlement ID
You can also manually import settlements from (now called Rakuten) from the Settings page.

Reporting by settlement ID

You can run Sellercloud reports for a date range based on a Settlement ID. Currently, this filter works for Amazon/FBA, eBay, Newegg, and Walmart Marketplace settlements, and is available in the following reports:

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