Shopify Locations

Prerequisite (if not done already): You must create and configure Shopify locations on your Shopify site so you can track inventory and fulfill orders at these locations.

What’s a location in Shopify? It’s a physical place or app where you perform any of the following activities:

  • Sell products
  • Ship or fulfill orders
  • Stock inventory

The IDs of Shopify locations will be imported into Sellercloud; you can view these imported Shopify locations, and re-download them into Sellercloud, by clicking Settings > Company > Toolbox > Website > Sellercloud Integrated website > Shopify Locations:

  1. Learn more about locations on your Shopify site.
  2. Set up these locations in Shopify by following their instructions.
  3. After you have integrated Sellercloud with your Shopify site, you will map these Shopify location(s) to your warehouses in Sellercloud. This will prevent errors when tracking or updating your inventory.

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