Tracking Report


This report displays details of tracking within a selected date range. It includes the following information:

  • Order #
  • Carrier
  • Method
  • Width
  • Height
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Tracking #
  • Shipping Cost
  • Ship Date
  • Delivery Date
  • Address
For answers to general questions about using Sellercloud’s Financial Reporting Suite, see the Reports FAQs.


There are numerous filters to include the data you want in your report. Most filters offer single-choice and multiple-choice fields.

In Sellercloud, to access this report:

  1. Go to Reports > Shipping Tracking Report.
  2. Chose your filters > Click Run Report.
    Note: After clicking Run Report to show these transactions, you can see each specific filter you applied. If a filter is not shown, you left it blank or chose AllTracking Report Filter
The table below defines each of the filters.
Company Gives you the option to search only data from one or a select few companies.
Company Groups* Allows you to filter within a specific Company Group.

*Only shown if you enabled the company group setting and grouped companies together. Learn how.

Channel Allows you to choose which channels orders you are pulling data from.
Date Range
  • Custom (default) – Enter the Start and End dates. For a single date, choose the same Start and End date.
  • Date ranges (presets) – There are choices from Yesterday to the Last Year.
Start Date and End Date If you chose a custom date range, choose the starting and ending dates. If you chose a default date range, these will auto-populate.
Date Type View shipping activity by ship or order dates.
Carrier Include only orders shipped from a single carrier.

Grid Data

Take a look at a sample tracking grid report.

Tracking Report Grid

You can export this report to a spreadsheet with additional data by clicking the Export to Excel icon.

Tracking Report Excel export

The table below defines each of these columns:

Order # Shows the number of the order.
Carrier Shows the carrier used.
Method Shows the shipping method used.
Width Shows the width of the package.
Height Shows the height of the package.
Length Shows the length of the package.
Weight Shows the weight of the package.
Tracking Number Shows the tracking number.
Shipping Cost Shows the cost of the shipment.
Ship Date Shows the shipping date.
Delivery Date Shows the delivery date.
Address Shows the address that it was shipped to.

Spreadsheet Data

Exported spreadsheets include more data than the grid report. You can click the Filter tab to see the initial filter settings.

Below is part of a sample spreadsheet trimmed for display purposes:Tracking Report Excel

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