Using ITF-14 Barcodes

About ITF-14 barcodes

ITF-14 barcodes are designed for labeling boxes that have multiple quantities of product. These barcodes will include both the product’s UPC and the quantity of items in a box. This convenient feature lets you scan a case of a product instead of scanning each unit or entering a quantity.

An ITF-14 barcode encodes GTIN-14 (Global Trade Item Number) information and comprises four components: A one-digit Indicator prefix; a GS1 Company Prefix; an Item Reference, and a Check Digit. For more details, see the GTIN website.

There are several ways to manage your products’ ITF-14 barcodes in Sellercloud. You can:

  • Find products by their ITF-14 barcodes
  • Import a product’s ITF-14 barcode from the Manage Inventory page
  • Manage ITF-14 barcodes at the item level
Learn more about creating and printing ITF-14 barcodes in Skustack. Here’s how.

Finding products by ITF-14 barcode

Use the Advanced Search to find products by ITF-14 barcode:

  1. Click Manage Inventory > Advanced Search.
  2. Enter the item’s ITF-14 barcode into the Product ITF-14 field.
    sellercloud manage inventory find itf-14 barcode
  3. Click Search. The product will appear in the grid.

Importing ITF-14 barcodes

After you create barcodes in Skustack, you can import them into Sellercloud from the Manage Inventory page:

  1. Click Inventory > Manage Inventory > Import Product Info > Import Product ITF-14.
  2. Click Download Template.
    sellercloud download template to import itf-14 barcodes
  3. Open the template, populate the columns and enter _ADD_ in the Action column, and save the file for uploading.
  4. Click Choose File > select your file > Click Upload ITF14.
    sellercloud import itf-14 barcodes
  5. A queued job is created to process your import; click on the job link to monitor it for completion.
    sellercloud queued import ITF-14 barcode job
    sellercloud queued itf-14 barcode import job
  6. To see the imported ITF-14s, open the product > click Toolbox > Manage ITF-14.
    sellercloud product itf14 barcode

Managing product ITF-14 barcodes

There are several ways to manage ITF-14 barcodes at the product level.

To manually enter or remove a barcode:

  1. Open the product > click Toolbox > Manage ITF-14.
  • Enter the barcode in the ITF14 field and the Qty > click Add ITF14
  • Click Remove to delete an existing barcode
    sellercloud add or remove itf14 barcodes

To import a barcode using a file upload:

sellercloud import an itf14 barcode for a product
  1. Click Download template > populate the columns > enter _ADD_ in the Action column > save the file.
  2. Click Choose File > select your file.
  3. Click Upload ITF14. Click on the queued job to monitor it for completion. To see the imported ITF-14, re-open the product > click Toolbox > Manage ITF-14.

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