waytopay.me and Stripe Integration


waytopay.me is currently available for wholesale, local store, and eBay channels only.

Sellercloud’s waytopay.me application is an easy, fast, and secure way to facilitate order payments using a unique link sent from the seller to the buyer. The customer simply clicks on the link to pay for their order using their phone or email and can check on their order’s status using that same link.

Integrate waytopay.me and Stripe

Payment transactions – which are instantly applied in Sellercloud – primarily go through Stripe, a secure platform for accepting online payments.

This topic guides you step by step through the user-friendly waytopay.me-Stripe integration workflow.


To configure a company’s waytopay.me account with Stripe:

  1. Log into waytopay.me’s Merchant Portal with your Sellercloud team name and login credentials.
  2. Your Merchant Portal’s Companies page lists your waytopay.me companies with the following:

    waytopay company page

  • Company – Each company that is set up to use waytopay.me.
  • Company Alias – Alternative company name (if any).
  • Payment Methods – Each company can accept two different methods of payment (choose at least one to use waytopay.me):
    • Credit cards – Handled by Stripe. Foreign currency payments are supported.
    • ACH – Electronic check payments. Payers connect with their checking account through Plaid, which authenticates and authorizes their ACH payments (in USD only) through Stripe.
  • waytopay – Current payment status for each company:
    • Blue “W” – Indicates that the proper payment method is chosen for waytopay.me.
    • Red “!” – Indicates that the payment method is not chosen or fully configured. For example, if you have not activated the Credit Cards or ACH (Bank Transfers) settings on that company’s Settings page, the Red “!” will appear.
  • Settings button (hover to see) – Click to open the company’s Settings page, shown below.
  1. Click the company’s Settings button:

  2. Click Manage Account > Change Account.

    change account
  3. Complete the Stripe authorization form.
  4. Submit the form by clicking Authorize access to this account at the bottom of the page.
  5. Back on your company’s Settings page, ensure that the setting Enable Waytopay for this company is toggled to active (green).

  6. Ensure that the desired payment method(s) – Credit Cards and/or ACH (Bank Transfers) – is toggled to active (green).
  7. You can configure the other options, as desired:
  • Company Alias – Enter the alternative name used for the company (if any).
  • Customer support – Enter an address for buyer support emails.
  • Customize subject fields – Enter up to 6 custom subject lines for support emails (if using).
  • Memaila – Try Sellercloud’s live CRM service to communicate with buyers. Learn more.
  • Automatically email receipt to payer – Auto-generate receipts and email them to payers.
  • Email payment notifications to merchant – Auto-send merchant notifications upon buyer payment.
  • Statement Descriptor – Enter descriptive text for transactions’ appearance on buyer bank statements.
  • Minimum Charge – Enter buyer minimums for credit card and/or ACH payments. Orders must meet these requirements for that payment method to appear as a payer option.

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