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Sellercloud allows you to import products and product information in bulk so you can easily manage your products. From the Import Product Info page, you can import products, product specifics (like general information, images, and channel attributes), and product relationships (like kits, shadows, and variations).

Usually, basic product information, such as product descriptions, prices, dimensions, and UPCs, should be updated using the Bulk Update tool. For any other product specifications, such as channel attributes, product shadows, or kits, you should use the appropriate Import option.

Check out this short tutorial showing the many ways you can import product information into Sellercloud.

Import Product Info

To import product info:

  1. Go to Catalog > Tools > Import Product Info.
  2. Use the Import Data panel to choose your task. The available import options are listed below.
  3. Download the desired Excel, CSV, or TXT template, populate it, and upload it back to Sellercloud. Note that you can create template files and save them for future use.The image shows the Import Product Info page.

Below are the available import options.

  • Bulk Product Update — Allows you to upload multiple new products or update basic information for existing products.
  • Import Info Via Plugin/Profile — Imports information via plugin or profile.
  • Import Shadows — Allows you to create parent and shadow SKUs, as well as to update existing ones.
  • Import Variations — Allows you to create and update variations (n-Matrixes).
  • Import Kits — This option allows you to create new kits and update existing ones.
  • Import Box Dimensions — Allows you to set shipment box dimensions.
  • Import Product Images — This feature allows you to upload and manage images by pasting URLs from different source hosts.
  • Import Product Channel Specific Images — Allows you to set different images as the primary image or as other images per channel.
  • Import Channel-specific Attributes — This option is for all channels that have attributes available: Walmart, Newegg, Amazon, eBay, Sears, Magento, etc. It allows you to assign channel attributes for products in order to facilitate posting.
  • Import Product Clones — Allows you to import clones of products, which creates an identical product.
  • Import Variations Images — Allows you to update variation images.
  • Import Product Groups — Allows you to group products together.
  • Import Product Average Cost Adjustments — Average Cost is the cost of units continually averaged from the price on the PO at the time POs are received. This option allows you to make average cost adjustments.
  • Import Product Rebates — Allows you to import product rebates.
  • Import Product Replacements — Allows you to import product replacements.
  • Import Product Titles — Allows you to import titles for eBay listings.
  • Import Related Products — Products can be configured according to their relationship to other products. This is typically used as an internal reference for looking up similar products. This option allows you to set related products in bulk.
  • Import Product Documents — Allows you to import documents like warranties that will be saved under products.
  • Import Product Notes — Adds customer service notes that you want to be acknowledged before shipping.
  • Import Sku Splitting Info — Enables an order to be split into two separate orders.
  • Import Per-Channel UPC — Allows you to enter a different UPC for each product for specific channels.
  • Import Product Alias — This function allows you to create and assign new aliases in bulk.
  • Import Product Accessories — Products can be related to other products as accessories.

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