Amazon Shipping Templates

Shipping charges for the Amazon customer are configured in Seller Central as an account level setting. However, those prices can be overridden from SellerCloud by attaching an Amazon Shipping Template to individual products. The shipping templates can be used even for Amazon’s international sites.

  1. Navigate Settings > Amazon Settings > Shipping Templates (click on icon or
    in Company Settings toolbox).
  2. Name your new template and click Add New Template. 
  3. Open the Option drop-down menu and select a shipping option for the template. The options on
    the menu are all of Amazon’s available shipping options including Standard, Expedited,
    Next Day, and Second Day shipping with their locales. For example, “Exp
    Cont US Street Addr” refers to expedited shipping – 1-3 business days –
    when shipping to a street address in the continental United States.
  4. Enter shipping price in the Amount field.
  5. Select a Shipping Price Type:
    • Additive – The price value entered into the Amount field will be added to the shipping price that was outlined in the account-level price
      settings in Seller Central.
    • Exclusive – The price value entered into the Amount field will be the exact shipping price the customer
      is charged, regardless of what was set in Seller Central.
  6. Checking the Shipping Restricted option will restrict the product’s shipping to the locale selected from the option menu. This means that you will not be able to ship this product to any location other than the locale selected.
  7. Click Add Template Item. You can add multiple items to the template.
  8. Attach template to product. Navigate Product > Amazon Properties.
  9. Select the Shipping Template.
  10. Enable Shipping Template Override. Enable the override even if there are no
    account-level shipping prices set in Seller Central.

For bulk updates use the column headers AmazonEnableShippingOverride and AmazonShippingTemplate.

 SellerCloud also provides Shipping By Region templates for Amazon. Different shipping rules can be set for each state. More information can be found here.

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