Import FBA Orders into Sellercloud

To import old FBA orders into Sellercloud:

Reports should not exceed a one-month time frame. If you need orders for a longer period, split them into 1-month report requests.
  1. Go to Settings > Company > Toolbox > Amazon settings > Reports.
  2. Click Request New Report at the top of the list.
  3. Set the Report Type to FBA Fulfilled Shipments Report.
  4. Choose the desired date range.
  5. Click Request Report.

    1. When the file is done, click the corresponding Response ID column to download and save the file. (To check the file status before completion, click Query in that same column.)
  6. Go to Orders > Import Orders.
    1. In the Channel field, choose FBA.
    2. Select your saved report file.
    3. Click Process Order. A queued import job is created to track the progress of the import and note any errors.
When this queued import job is done, the data will be imported; however, the actual creation of all orders may take several hours, based on the number of orders that were imported.

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