Inventory Snapshot

Please read first! This function is only available in Sellercloud’s original interface, not in the new Delta.

SellerCloud can record your inventory levels and save the information to a file. This is extremely useful in case you need to  determine your inventory count on a given day, or even to reset your inventory to the numbers from an earlier point in history. Inventory snapshots are set up via a scheduled task.

  1. Company Settings > Toolbox > Scheduled Task.
  2. Select Inventory Snapshot from the Task Type Dropdown. Click GO.
  3. Schedule the task interval and save.
  4. The task will capture the inventory level at the set intervals and save them to a file.
  5. To view the file navigate Settings > Inventory Snapshot.
  6. Snapshots are ordered in the grid. Click on the desired file.
  7. The record includes:  Warehouse, WarehouseQty, OffsetQty, PhysicalInventoryQty, PhysicalInventoryDate, InventoryAvailableQty, AggregatePhysicalQty, SiteCost, LastCost, and AverageCost.
  8. To restore your inventory to that Inventory Snapshot quantity level, select that job on the grid and click Restore.

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