Listing on Walmart Marketplace

You can publish new listings on Walmart Marketplace directly from SellerCloud. Note that a product must be ready for Walmart Marketplace in order to post, and should be “Walmart Marketplace Enabled” in order to send the correct inventory quantity.

Individual posting to Walmart Marketplace

On the Walmart Marketplace Properties page > Action Menu > Post to Walmart.

Walmart limits the Product Add and Update Inventory for single items to 10 items per hour. The image URL cannot have “https” in the URL or will fail to post; it must be “http.” You can adjust this on the Image Hosting Settings page. The image file size cannot exceed 1MB.

Bulk-posting to Walmart Marketplace

  1. Go to the Manage Inventory page.
  2. Search and select products. Filter search if necessary.
  3. Choose Launch on Channel from the Action menu > Go.
  4. Choose Walmart Marketplace in the Channel dropdown.
  5. Click Continue. A job will be added to the queue to post the selected products to Walmart Marketplace.

Retire a Walmart Marketplace listing

You can end a Walmart Marketplace listing using the action Retire Listing on the product’s Walmart Marketplace Properties page.

You can bulk-retire multiple products from the Walmart Marketplace:

  1. Go to the Inventory Management page and select the products.
  2. Click Retire on Walmart Marketplace from the Action menu. A queued job is created for the products, and you can track progress using the provided link.

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