Magento Website Integration

SellerCloud supports multiple versions of Magento, and integrates with V2.5.5.1 (current version) back to V1.8.6.

To integrate Magento:

  1. Magento developer deploys SOAP on the Magento installation.
  2. Magento developer sets up CRON on installation (recommended).
  3. Deploy the SellerCloud Magento plugin on the FTP. This can be deployed by anyone with admin access to the site FTP (site admin, developer, etc) or SellerCloud Support.
  4. Follow these directions to create a webservice access on Magento and configure SellerCloud with webservice access.
  5. When ready to go live with your Magento site, configure SellerCloud’s Magento general settings, such as enabling order download, inventory upload, fulfillment upload, setting default safety quantity, or others according to your preference.
Safety quantity value determines how much available inventory there is for any products on your Magento site for new products. This value can be changed per product at any time from the product details page in SellerCloud.

Magento 1 plugin instructions

  1. Upload _import folder off plugin to so that is accessible.
  2. Upload _export folder off plugin to so that is is accessible.
  3. Ensure that the following file and folder permissions are set following this procedure: Log into FTP using an Admin account > go to the folder > right-click on the folder or a file name inside it > choose its Permissions option > enter the correct numeric values stated in Step #3a through #3c as follows:
    1. Ensure the “files” under _import and _export folders have execution rights. 0445 is preferred; otherwise 0777.
    2. Ensure that  _import and _export folders have execution rights set to 0775 or 0777.
    3. The folder “_import/log” should have the write permission of 0777.
  4. Full authentication is required in request URLs.
When the plugin is installed (uploaded to remote site): If the website URL is, please run the following in your browser:

Magento 2 plugin instructions

  1. Upload extension: Upload to remote server so that Sellercloud folder (in plugin zip) is placed under /app/code.
  2. Enable module:
    • Go to Admin > Store > Configuration > Advanced > Advanced. Enable “Sellercloud_Scm2” – OR –
    • From FTP, edit /app/etc/config.php, add an entry ‘Sellercloud_Scm2’ => 1.
  3. Run setup upgrade: Log into your terminal via ssh access and go to your Magento root directory, then run this command “php bin/magento setup:upgrade“.
  4. Compile: Run this command “sudo ./magento setup:di:compile”. The compilation is needed when any modified code in extension is uploaded. This can take more than 10 minutes.
  5. Clean Cache: Either from Admin > System > Cache Management OR through command “php bin/magento:cache:clean

SSH Access is needed if we need to run a command from the console.

Example:  After logging into SSH console –
command: cd public_html
command: bin/magento setup:upgrade
command: bin/magento  setup:di:compile

SellerCloud will need full access credentials, which can be done in 2 ways:

  • Go to Magento admin > System > All Users:
    • Find a user with all privileges; user roles can be set from System > User Roles
    • Use that username and password in CWA webservice username and password
  • You can select the Disable Authentication for plugin  box and validation will be ignored

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