Houzz Listing Management


Houzz.com is a marketplace dedicated to products for the home. More than just a place to shop, Houzz presents itself as a source of information, tips, and inspiration for home design and decoration.

Post products to Houzz

In order to list a product on Houzz, it must be Houzz enabled and ready to post.

To get your products ready, certain requirements must be met. This means entering the minimum information required by Houzz for listing a product.

Houzz Product ID Assigned by Houzz
MerchantSKU Merchant SKU for the product
Product Title Title used by Houzz
Product Description Product description for Houzz
Manufacturer Manufacturer, can be copied from the Product Summary
UPC Some product categories may not require the UPS. Enable the checkbox in such cases
MPN Manufacturer part number
Category Houzz categories have unique ID. Download this file to check the related category
Style Required field, choose an option from the dropdown
Price related settings Similar to other channels. Default values can be used
Key Words (optional) Limited to 300 characters maximum
Primary Material, Designer/Artist (optional)

Optional fields that can provide more info about the product

Country of Origin Select from the dropdown


Once your products are enabled and ready, you can post them individually or in bulk.


To post them individually, you must:

  1. Access the Houzz Properties page.
  2. Go to Select Action > Post Product.
  3. Click Go.

To post them in bulk, you must:

  1. Go to Inventory > Select Products > Select Action.
  2. Click Launch on Channel > Go.sellercloud launch listing on channel
  3. Select Houzz > Continuesellercloud launch on channel
  4. You can access the scheduled job using the notification. sellercloud queued job notification


Update Inventory on Houzz

You can update your inventory on Houzz manually or automatically.

Your products must be Houzz Enabled in order to send the correct inventory quantities automatically.


The manual Houzz inventory update can be done individually or in bulk.

  • Individually: Go to Inventory > Open a product > ToolboxHouzz Properties > Select Action > Export Inventory.
  • In bulk: Go to Inventory > Select your products > Select Action > Update Inventory on Channel. In the newly open window, select Houzz > Continue.


The automation is controlled by Houzz’s General Setting Enable Inventory Upload. When enabled, Sellercloud periodically sends automatic inventory updates. To enable it:

  1. Go to Settings  > Select a Company > Toolbox Houzz > General Settings > Enable Inventory Upload > Save.


If you have multiple warehouses for Houzz, it is recommended to use the Channel Warehouse Mapping feature.

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