OpenSky Account Integration

OpenSky is a marketplace with a wide range of product categories. Merchants sell under their own name and have their own store, complete with a branded banner and company description. Register to sell on OpenSky here.

SellerCloud can easily import OpenSky orders and export tracking using import/export plugins, eliminating the need to reformat the files. The import/export is a manual process; there is no FTP connection.

These plugins must first be placed on your server by SellerCloud Support (if they are not yet there).

If you have a website connected to SellerCloud, you should create a separate company, as OpenSky orders import as Local Store orders.

Order Import

  1. Click Orders > Import Orders.
  2. Select the company into which you are importing the orders.
  3. Select “Website/Plugin” from the Channel drop-down.
  4. Select the “HLD Open Sky Format” plugin from the Select Plugin drop-down.
  5. Select the Open Sky(.csv) order file from your PC so it appears in the Order File field.
  6. Click Process Orders. The orders will import as Local Store orders under the selected company. Orders import as paid.

Tracking Export

  1. After shipping the orders, select the orders from the grid.
A saved search can help you easily select the appropriate orders for tracking export. The saved search should include the filter “Not Exported.”
  1. Click Action Menu > Export Orders.
  2. Select the “HLD Open Sky Tracking Export” plugin from the Format drop-down.
  3. Check the Also mark orders as exported box to remove these orders from a saved search.
  4. Click Export Orders. A job will be queued. Upon completion, the “output file” will be formatted as ready for uploading to OpenSky.

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