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Staples API integration

SellerCloud integrated with Staples via API. The integration page is located in your company Toolbox > Staples > General Settings. The API is used for the orders feed. Inventory is sent via the FTP provided by Staples. Picklist is being generated by plugin.

Fill in the required properties:

    • Staples Seller ID,Staples Participating Party, Staples Participating Party Name,Staples Partner ID,

      Staples Partner Name, 

      Staples Vendor/Merchant ID

      – All provided by Staples.

    • Enable API for Staples – Check this box.
    • FTP Server and Credentials – Will be provided by Staples. Inventory feed goes through here.
    • FTP Port – set to 22
    • FTP Inventory Root – set to/inventory/
    • Once you have everything set you can test your FTP settings from the Action Menu
    • Enable automatic upload and download controls.

Note: See instructions about setting co-op fees here for dropship.


There are different invoice plugins available for Staples. You can request them from SellerCloud Support.

  • Staples Invoice 4×6
  • Staples Invoice Standart
  • Staples Invoice 4×6 With Return Info
Staples Invoices plugins also work for Quill orders.


Testing and production have different URLs. Check with SellerCloud Support which one is set on your server (app setting StaplesAPIURL):

  • Production URL:
  • Test URL:

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