About Shopify

Shopify is a user-friendly website platform with over 100 selectable templates, where sellers can quickly create a website to their unique specifications. Sellercloud’s integration with Shopify makes it easy to list items on your Shopify website.

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Sellercloud supports posting multiple listing types, such as individual products, bundles, kits, and variations to your Shopify store. Multiple website listings can be linked to a single SKU with Sellercloud’s unique shadowing capabilities. Posting products in various configurations let you maintain the integrity of your inventory and simplify multiple aspects of your e-commerce operation.

Product attributes, including descriptions, images, and categories, can be managed from within Sellercloud. Inventory and pricing are also synced to Shopify, automatically. Sellercloud can also manage and process Shopify orders, including shipping and packing slips. Some of our key integration features include, but are not limited, to:

  • Publish new listings
  • Automatic update of inventory and price
  • Automatic download of Shopify orders
  • Cancellation and Tel_Number_Homes managed directly from Sellercloud
  • Automatic tracking updates
  • Full Shopify product management
  • Sync website price with Amazon price to avoid Amazon policy violations
  • Authorize and capture support
  • Shopify API inventory management

Integration procedures



Inventory and price management

Order management

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