Case Quantity on FBA Inbound Shipments

Please read first! This topic explains the case quantity feature in Sellercloud’s Delta interface. For instructions in Sellercloud’s Alpha interface, download this file.

Check out this short tour on creating an FBA inbound shipment with case quantity in SellerCloud!

Here’s how to set up products for case quantity:

See the complete library of video tutorials about Sellercloud’s Delta interface and creating FBA inbound shipments.

FBA inbound shipments will often be split into numerous shipments to multiple Amazon fulfillment centers – unless you signed up for Amazon’s Inventory Placement Service, a per-unit-fee service.

This can even happen with units of the same SKU. For example, if you create a shipment of 100 quantity of SKU TAZOREFR, Amazon may decide to send 50 to one center and 50 to another one.

However, if you create the FBA inbound shipment with a case quantity, Amazon will not split the quantities per case. Products in cases will be multiples of the same item, typically packaged by the manufacturer, with each case having the same quantity. So, for this example shipment, if you:

  • Define the FBA inbound shipment with a case quantity of 100 – Amazon will not break up the shipment and will direct all 100 units to the same fulfillment center
  • Define the FBA inbound shipment with a case quantity of 25 – You have 4 cases, so Amazon may direct the shipment to 4 fulfillment centers, though no more than 4 separate centers

You can always set a default case quantity at the product level by completing the item’s Quantity per Case field. This is the default number of items in a case.

Setting case quantity in an FBA inbound shipment

  1. In an FBA inbound shipment, select the Products tab.
  2. Select the product and enter the Qty to Ship > click Add & Close.

  3. Click the Enable Case Qty icon.

  4. In the shipment’s Qty Per Case field, the quantity of items within a case is 25, in the example below. This is a factor of the Qty to Ship. That is, the quantity of units you are shipping (100) is divisible by the Qty Per Case (25). The Cases Qty field auto-populates with 4 cases shipping (to up to 4 separate fulfillment centers).

  5. Continue with the FBA inbound shipment by clicking the blue arrow to move to the Prep Guidance tab.

For step-by-step instructions on the FBA inbound shipment wizard, including guidance on each of the wizard’s 6 tabs, see Creating an FBA inbound shipment.

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