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Sears Products: Categories and Attributes


This article explains how to add Sears attributes to a product in Sellercloud.

Update Product Categories

Updated categories for Sears can be downloaded to your server by Sellercloud Support. You can assign and view product categories from the product’s Sears Properties page.

To bulk update products with categories:

  1. Copy the UniqueID from this file and use it as the value to bulk update Sears Category.
  2. Check the categories list from the attached file. Example value for the category update column: Jewelry|Fashion Jewelry|Fashion Earrings.

Update a Single Product’s Attributes

These are controlled by the client setting Enable Sears Attributes, which is enabled by default.
  1. Go to Catalog > Manage Catalog > Open a product.
  2. In Toolbox, select Sears Properties > Listing Details panel > Edit.
  3. If the product has no Category, you must select it first.Sears configure attributes
  4. Click Configure Attributes > Select values for the attributes.
    The attributes and values are pulled from Sears, and unlike eBay Item Specifics, additional attributes or values cannot be added to the listing.Sears attribute values

Update Product’s Attributes in Bulk

  1. Go to Catalog > Manage Catalog > Select products.
  2. Click the Action button > Export channel info > Sears Attributes > Export.Export Sears attributes
  3. Open the file and populate:
    1. 1st column – Product IDs.
    2. 2nd column – Available Attribute Name (e.g., Color).
    3. 3rd column – Sears Category (full path) related to the entered Sears attribute. This is required even when the product already has a category.
    4. 4th column – Attribute Value (e.g., Blue). This must be a valid Sears attribute value associated with the product’s selected Sears Category and Sears Attribute. Valid attributes can be found by downloading the “Item Class/Attributes Mapping” file on your Sears Seller Portal (Products tab > Bulk).
  4. Go to Catalog > Tools > Import Product Info > Import Sears Attributes.
  5. Choose the file and click Import.
    • From this page, you can also download a blank template and populate it. You must use the valid Sears attribute associated with the product’s selected Sears Category.


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