Listing on Sears

Preparing a product for Sears

A product must be ready for Sears to allow posting on Sears. It should also be Sears Enabled in order for the  correct inventory quantity to be sent.

Using Sears categories

Sears updated categories can be downloaded onto your server by Sellercloud Support. You can assign and view product categories from the product’s Sears Properties page.

To bulk update product with categories:

  1. Copy the UniqueID from this file and use it as the value to Bulk Update SearsCategory1.
  2. Check the categories list from the attached file. Example value for the category update column: Jewelry|Fashion Jewelry|Fashion Earrings

Posting products to Sears

Sellercloud will upload the listing immediately, but there can be a time delay of up to 72 hours before the listing will be approved by Sears for sale.

Posting individually from the Sear Properties page

  1. Open a product > Toolbox > Sears Properties. Populate the required fields > Check Sears Enabled.
  2. Select Action > Post on Sears > Go.

Posting multiple products in bulk

  1. Go to Inventory > Choose products > Select Action > Launch on Channel > Go.
  2. Select Sears > Continue.

To check if products posted successfully to Sears, go to Settings > Company Settings > Toolbox > Sears > Uploaded Documents. Filter by document type AddProductFeed and look for Success or Error on the grid. Check the response document.

Sears active listings reports will be downloaded automatically. A service will periodically run through the report and mark products in Sellercloud as Posted and Active on Sears. You can use the Sears filters on Manage Inventory > Advanced Search to filter items that are listed and active on Sears.

Posting a variation listing

For Sellercloud Support – App Setting EnableSearsMatrixPosting must be set to True.

While sears attributes are not required for simple products, there are some attributes which are required for variation listings. Make sure to check Enable Sears Attributes in the Client Settings.

  1. Open a variation parent > Toolbox > Sears Properties.
  2. Ready the parent for Sears.
  3. Click Configure Attributes > Locate the matrix children in the grid.
  4. Select the appropriate attributes for each child. The text field next to the attribute is for Trademark values, if applicable. This is required. Make sure the children are Ready for listing and Enabled for Sears on their Sears Properties page.
  5. Optional: Select attributes for the listing at the parent level
  6. Save > Launch the variation parent to Sears.
The children (variations) must be Ready and Enabled for Sears on their individual Sears Properties page. This is because, unlike eBay, the individual variation is sent when posting the parent. Likewise, inventory is updated from the individual child product, not from  the matrix parent.

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