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While there are many product attributes sent to Sears, some are required and must be populated before the product is ready to be listed on Sears. Others are optional, but can enhance the listing with greater detail.


*Sears Enabled  Products that are not enabled with be considered to have zero qty in the Sears inventory feed.
*ProductID   20 characters max. Numbers, letters (case sensitive), and dashes only.
*Product Name  128 characters max. To avoid errors, do not include HTML tags or any special characters (ex. * $ & +)
 Sears Product Condition
 Product Condition Notes
 Site Price  Typically, the default price.
*Sears Price  Price on Sears. Defaults to Site Price.
 Sale Price  Price when running a sale.
 Sale Start/End Date  Date range to send Sale Price to Sears.
 Short Description  Required. Limited HTML is allowed, please see for more  information
 LongDescription   The long product description will be displayed on the product page. 5000 characters max. To avoid errors, do not include HTML tags or any special characters  (ex. * $ & +)
 Replenishable  Enabling will display use the inventory value in the Default Qty field.
 Available Qty  The qty available for Sears. This considers available qty, eBay enabled status, Safety quantity, warehouse inventory r  restrictions etc.
 Safety Qty  Qty to withhold from being sent to channel. This is useful to prevent overselling.
 Enable Default Qty  Used in conjunction with Replenishable.
 Store Location  Location of product based on Store location configured in Sears.
 Mature Content
 Pickup Now Eligible  Can be set to True if store location is approved for Pickup
*Shipping Weight  Indicates the weight of the package in which items will be shipped.Max weight is 130 lbs. Value must be greater than 0
*Shipping W/L/H Indicates dimensions of the package in which items will be shipped
*Manufacturer SKU  Manufacturer model number
*Sears Category  Updated categories can be downloaded onto your server by SellerCloud Support.  Check for more info here.
 Shipping Charges  Indicates the amount that should be charged for each shipping level.
*Image  Recommended size 501 x 501 pixles. Maximum 1900 x 1900 picels. Square aspect ratio.
  Sears Attributes   Some attributes may be required depending on category. Required attributes are highlighted. Matrix variation attributes are required. See below.

Sears Attributes – Controlled by client setting – Enable Sears Attributes, default Enabled.

After selecting a category, a hyperlink for Sears attributes for that category will display right below the Action Menu on the Sears Properties page. Certain attributes may be required to list on Sears.

  1. Click on the Configure Attributes link.
  2. Select values for attributes. The attributes and values are pulled from Sears, and unlike eBay Item Specifics, additional attributes or values cannot be added to the listing.
  3. Click Done.


Sears attributes can be imported in bulk:

The easiest workflow to add Sears attributes in bulk is with the following steps:
  1. On the Manage Inventory page, search for and select products to which you want to add attributes. (The product must already have Sears categories selected on them.)
  2. From action menu select Export Sears Attributes. Press Go.
  3. Open the file and populate:
    1. 1st column has the product IDs
    2. 2nd column contains the available Attribute Name (e.g. Color).
    3. 3rd column contains the category (full path) related to the entered Sears attribute. This is required even when the product already has a category.
    4. 4th Column – Enter Attribute Value (e.g. Blue) This must be a valid Sears attribute value associated with the product’s selected Sears Category and Sears attribute. Valid attributes can be found by downloading the “Item Class/Attributes Mapping” file on your Sears Seller Portal (Products tab > Bulk).
  4. Save file.
  5. Navigate Inventory > Import Product Info > Import Sears Attributes .
  6. Choose the file and press the Upload Attributes button.
    • From this page you can also download a blank template and populate. You must use valid Sears attribute associated with the product’s selected Sears Category.

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