Shipping Package Types


You can create a Package Type for any of your products to set its shipping dimensions and weight and select it when configuring your product’s shipping preferences. Shipbridge downloads orders containing this product with its pre-set packaging dimensions.

Package Type Overview

You can manage your pre-set package types on the Shipping Package Types page by adding new ones, editing and deleting the existing ones. Sellercloud allows you to create new package types manually or in bulk.

Create a New Package Type Manually

To create a new package type manually, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings > Shipping > Shipping Package Types.
  2. Click Add New Package Type.Add New Packaging Type
  3. Enter the package details.package details
  4. Click Save.

You can edit and delete existing package types by clicking Edit or Delete buttons.

edit and delete package types

Create New Package Types in Bulk

If you need to add several new package types, you can do it in bulk.

  1. Go to Settings > Shipping > Shipping Package Types.
  2. Click Download Template.Dowload Template
  3. Fill in the template columns:
    1. ID – leave this blank. An ID will be assigned automatically upon creation.
      You can fill this ID in for an existing package if you wish to update its values.
    2. Name – the name of the new package type (max 50 characters);
    3. Description – the package’s description (max 254 characters);
    4. Width – the width of the package in inches;
    5. Height – the height of the package in inches;
    6. Depth – the depth of the package in inches;
    7. Weight – the weight of the package in lbs.
  4. Click the Choose File button and upload the template.choose file

Set a Default Package for Product

You can set a default package type for a specific product.

  1. Go to the Catalog > Manage Catalog > select a product > Toolbox > Shipping Preferences.
  2. Click the Edit button.
  3. Select Shipping Package Type from the drop-down of the Packaging panel.
  4. Click Save.Select Shipping Package Type
To bulk-update the product’s default packaging, use the column headers ShippingPackageTypeID, MaxQtyPerShippingPackageEnabled and MaxQtyPerShippingPackage. Make sure to use the ID of the Shipping Package, not the name.

Auto-Populate Package Dimensions in Shipbridge

Shipbridge can auto-populate the package dimensions. To enable this option, follow the steps below.

  1. In Shipbridge, go to Menu > Options > Shipping.
  2. Enable Use CWA package type dimensions where possible.
The packaging type from Sellercloud Portal must match the packaging type as it is displayed in Shipbridge (in the Package Type column) for that column to be populated automatically when the order comes in.

A Package Type can be created that conforms to a specific products shipping dimensions and weight. Package types can be selected on products, and orders for products with specific package types will download into ShipBridge with the packaging dimensions. The package weight will not be factored in to the shipping weight.

To Add a package type to the menu, navigate to Settings > Shipping Package Type and click Add New Packaging Type. Enter packaging details and save.

To create a default package type for shipping for a specific product, open the toolbox on the product detail page and click Shipping Preferences. Select from the package type drop-down menu.

To have the package dimensions auto populate in ShipBridge, open ShipBridge and navigate Menu > Options > Shipping. Enable setting Use CWA package type dimensions where possible.

Please Note: The packaging type entered must match exactly the packaging type as it displays in ShipBridge (in the Package Type column) in order for that column to be populated automatically when the order comes in.

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