FBA Removals


FBA Removal Orders are requests for Amazon to ship back FBA inventory to the merchant. While the actual order must be placed on Seller Central, the removal order will automatically create a warehouse transfer in Sellercloud, which can be received when the shipment arrives at the merchant’s warehouse. This workflow allows you to track the inventory’s movement history.

Amazon provides 2 reports for removals: Removal Order Detail and Removal Order Shipment Detail. Sellercloud pulls in only the Removal Order Shipment Detail and creates the warehouse transfer from it.

Note that Amazon often splits one removal order and ships it in multiple shipments. If so, a separate warehouse transfer will be created for each shipment.

Configure FBA Removals

  1. Navigate to Settings > Companies > Manage Companies > Open a company.
  2. Go to Toolbox > Channels > Amazon Settings > General Settings.
  3. Enable the Auto Create FBA Removal Transfers setting.
    The Warehouse transfers will be created with a Shipped status and will be named with the removal order ID.
  4. The FBA-Type Warehouse assigned to your selected company will be automatically set as the Ship From Warehouse for all FBA Removal Transfers for the selected company.
    To import FBA Removal Transfers into Sellercloud, set up an FBA-type warehouse and assign it to the relevant FBA channel.
  5. Choose the default warehouses in which you will receive the transfers. To do that:
    • Navigate to Settings > Client Settings > General Client Settings > FBA – General.
    • Choose a Default FBA Removal Interim Warehouse and a Default FBA Removal TO Warehouse from the dropdowns.
    • Click the Save icon.
  6. On the Warehouse Inventory Transfer page (Inventory> Warehouse Inventory Transfer), confirm that the Qty to Receive sent from Amazon for each item is correct.
  7. Click Set Receive > Go from the Actions menu.
    Note: Skustack users must use the FBA Removals Module within Skustack.
  8. (Optional) Add serial numbers to the transfer. To do that, navigate to the Actions menu > Manage Serial Number.
At times, there may be discrepancies between the quantities sent in the report by Amazon and the actual units, which may lead to the warehouse transfer being created with incorrect data. To fix any discrepancies, choose “Manual” in the Creation Type dropdown of the Removal Transfer and click Save. This will open the transfer for manual editing and you can adjust the quantities as needed.

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