Kohl’s Orders

Automating Order Processing

Kohl’s orders download automatically into Sellercloud. The integration runs with scheduled tasks via DSCO API plugins which are generic for all integrations running through DSCO. The plugin checks for new orders on regular intervals and pulls any order not present in Sellercloud.

Custom Company Settings (Must be placed in the company where the orders are being imported):

  • DSCO_Token— Enter your API token. You can receive it from DSCO support or check it on their website.

Optional settings:

  • DSCO_IntegrationName— This is the order source set in Sellercloud. You can enter KOHL here and the orders will import with this source.
  • DSCO_LockShippingMethod— This setting can have values of True or False. This will lock the shipping method on the order, meaning that you have to ship it with the method requested by the channel.
  • DSCO_MarkOrdersUnpaid— Imports the orders as unpaid. Can be set to True or False.

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