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Using invoices

Invoices, or packing slips, can be configured and printed in PDF format from Sellercloud.

Sellercloud provides a standard invoice with many options to show or hide product and order information.

Sellercloud developers can create custom invoices (subject to additional charges). Customized plugins can be created with your own branding, and separate invoices can be used for wholesale orders. Invoices are company-specific, so you can create separate invoices for every company.

You can also configure separate invoices per channel.

PDF invoices are configured in Sellercloud even for printing invoices from ShipBridge. However, 4×6 labels (thermal printer) are configured in ShipBridge under the Invoice tab.

You can print invoices from the Manage Orders page and from the Order Detail page by selecting Print Invoice to PDF in the Action menu. PDF invoices can also be printed from ShipBridge when shipping the order or pre-printed before shipping the order.

Configuring invoices

  1. Click Company Settings > Toolbox > Invoice Settings.
  2. Select the Invoice Type. The default type is “Standard.” If used, enable the options as desired to show or hide information.
Wholesale channel order invoices will always show prices even when Show Prices and $ total is unchecked. To hide the price on those invoices, enable Allow to hide prices on WholeSale order Invoice in the Client Settings, and then uncheck the Show Prices and $ total setting here.
The setting Print Invoice Printed Count lets you track how often an order invoice is printed. The count will show under the date and time.

Wholesale invoices

  • A general invoice can be created that will print for all wholesale order. When placed on your server, it will appear in the WholeSale Invoice Type dropdown. Choose the invoice type and save.
  • Individual invoices per wholesale customer can be configured. When placed on your server, you can find it by going to Customers > Search and Select Customer > General page. Select the plugin from the Order PDF Invoice Plugin dropdown.
Checking Enable ITIN Invoices in Client Settings will allow you to set separate invoice plugins for Order Form and Wholesale invoices types.

Per-channel invoices

You can choose plugins separately by channel:

  1. Select Enable Per Channel Based PDF Invoices in the Client Settings.
  2. On the Invoice Settings page, click Per Channel Preferences.
  3. Find the channel > Select Plugin in the Invoice Type dropdown > Select the Plugin > Save.

Fulfillment channel invoices

When selling on fulfillment channels, such as Choxi, Wayfair, Overstock, and SmartBargain, the packing slip will automatically print out compliant with the channel’s specifications (i.e. logo, format). If Per Channel Preferences is enabled (see above), complete the following steps:

  1. On the Invoice Settings page, click Per-Channel Preferences.
  2. Find the channel in the list > select Channel Specific from the Invoice Type dropdown > Save.


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