Magento Tier Pricing


In Sellercloud, Tier Pricing can be applied to Magento Products in order to reduce the product price by a set discount percentage. This type of product discount is specific to each Magento Customer Group and issued for wholesale customers. The discount value can be adjusted globally for all Magento products simultaneously, or individually for each product.

Customer Groups are configured within your Magento website. You need to input those groups into Sellercloud by going to Settings > Companies > Toolbox > Magento > Customer Pricing Group.

Magento Customer Pricing Group

Set Tier Pricing Globally

Follow the steps below to set a new Tier Pricing discount to be automatically applied to all Magento products.

  1. Settings > Companies > Toolbox > Magento > Tier Pricing Customer Group.Magento-Tier-Pricing-Customer-Group
  2. In the Website ID field, select the Magento Website that you wish the discount to work on.
  3. In the Customer Group ID text box, enter the ID of the Customer Pricing Group to which the discount will be applied.
  4. In the Customer Group Name text box, enter the name of the selected Customer Pricing Group.
  5. Select the Enable Default Discount checkbox to automatically apply this discount to all Magento products for each customer of the specified Customer Pricing Group.
  6. In the Discount Value box, enter the percentage value the products will be discounted by.
  7. In the Discount Qty box, enter the number of items the customer will need to purchase to qualify for the discount.
  8. Click Save.
  9. To manage which discount to currently enable/disable, click the respective Edit option in the grid, and select/deselect the Discount Enabled checkbox. Click Update. Alternatively, click Cancel to discard the changes.Magento Update Tier Pricing Group
  10. To remove one or another Tier Pricing, click the respective Delete option in the grid.

Set Tier Pricing for an Individual Product

Follow the steps below to adjust an individual product Tier Pricing for a Magento Customer Group. The value of this discount can be either dollar, or percentage.

Prior to setting an individual Tier Pricing, deselect the Enable Default Discount option per the related Customer Pricing Group.
  1. Go to Catalog > Manage Catalog.
  2. Open the product you want the individual Tier Pricing discount apply to.
  3. Click Toolbox, and select Magento Properties.
  4. In the upper right, click Edit.
  5. On the Tier Pricing panel, click the plus icon.Magento Tier Pricing per Product
  6. In the Add Tier Pricing dialog box, specify the associated Magento Website ID and the Customer Pricing Group.Magento Tier Pricing per Group
  7. In the Qty field, enter the number of product items a customer should purchase to get the discount.
  8. In the Price field, enter the value of the special price (discount).
  9. In the Price Type field, indicate whether the entered discount is a dollar value, or a percentage.
  10. Click Add.

Price Tiers are special discount pricing for buyers of larger
quantities and are exclusive to customer groups. You can set Tier Pricing globally for all products or apply the pricing to individual products only.

Customer groups are configured
in your Magento Admin. You would then need to input those groups into SellerCloud by navigating to the
Company Settings > Toolbox > Magento > Tier
Pricing Customer Group

Setting Tier Pricing globally:

  1. Select the appropriate
    Website ID if you have multiple Magento Websites.
  2. Enter the groups
    numeric ID and Name.
  3. To set a discount for this customer group globally for all your products, enter a discount value and quantity the customer
    needs to purchase to qualify for the discount. Discount value is a percent of Magento Price.
  4. Check Enable Default
    discount and Save.
  5. Repeat process to create multiple Customer Group/Tier Pricing configurations as needed.
  6.  All groups with their Tier Pricing structures will display in the grid.
Setting Tier Pricing for Individual Products:
  1. Configure the Customer Groups as in Step 1 and 2 above.
  2. Disable the default discount if necessary. Edit group and uncheck.
  3. Open the Magento
    page on the product and click on the Manage Tier Pricing Tab.
  4. Select
    the group you want to give a discount to and enter a discount. The discount can be a dollar value or a percentage of the regular price. When setting the discount by percentage use the % symbol after the discount value.
  5. Enter the quantity the customer needs to purchase to qualify for the discount.
  6. Save.
  7. Repeat process to create multiple Customer Group/Tier Pricing configurations as needed.
  8. All groups with their Tier Pricing structures will display in the grid.

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