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RueLaLa is a boutique-like flash site for fashion seekers with designer clothing, bedding, accessories and more.

SellerCloud’s integration is comprised of a manual order import and tracking export.
If you have integrated a website with SellerCloud (other than a Magento website), create a separate company for RueLaLa. This is because the regular RueLaLa order import will import orders as “Website” orders, so you would want to separate them from your regular Website. You do not need to create shadows, as inventory is not updated from SellerCloud with inventory feeds.
Order Import
An order import plugin placed on your server by SellerCloud Support allows you to import a RueLaLa generated file without having to modify the file. RueLaLa does not offer FTP file sharing so the file can be imported manually.
  1. Navigate Orders > Import Orders.
  2. Select the company.
  3. Select Website as the Channel. A plugin dropdown will display.
  4. Select the RueLaLa plugin. Choose the order file from your PC and press Import.
When importing with the general RueLaLa import, the order will be created as described below. Please note: Plugin can be modified as per client requirements. Customization rates may apply.
  • Orders are created under the “Website” channel with the customer email as
  • Orders are fully paid with the price set as the value in Unit Cost column in the file.
  • The Shipping Carrier/Method is set to Fedex Ground.
Tracking Export
A tracking export plugin placed on your server can export shipping confirmation in a format that is ready for uploading to RueLaLa. RueLaLa does not offer FTP file sharing so the file will need to be uploaded manually on RueLaLa.
  1. Select the orders from the Manage Orders grid.
  2. Select Export Orders from the action Menu and press Go, or simply press on the export icon at the top right of the grid.
  3. Select the RueLaLa tracking export plugin. Press Export.
  4. A Job will be entered in the Queue. When completed, you can downloads the export file and upload manually to RueLaLa.
  5. Alternatively, you can create a scheduled task to automatically export RueLaLa orders that have been shipped. Read more about scheduled tasks here.

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