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Unknown Product Orders are orders that include at least one SKU that doesn’t currently exist in Sellercloud. If you have active listings that do not have a corresponding Sellercloud product, they get imported with orders and flagged as an Unknown Product. There are also other less common situations where you may end up with such orders if, for example, there is a wrong Merchant SKU configured on the channel properties page of your product.

It is important to be able to identify and resolve such orders to ensure everything runs smoothly. Sellercloud offers two workflows for such situations.

On the Manage Orders Page, a warning appears next to the SKU. Hover over it, and you’ll see that the SKU doesn’t exist.

On the Order Details Page, you can see the same warning in the Items panel.

Find Unknown Product Orders

There are two methods to look for unknown product orders:

Resolve Unknown Product Orders

There are a couple of ways to deal with orders containing an Unknown Product. If the issue is not a discrepancy in the Merchant SKU, you can either create a new product in Sellercloud or replace them with an existing one. 

To find orders using the Manage Orders Page and process a single order:

  1. Go to Orders > Manage Orders.
  2. Click Add filter.
  3. Find the Unknown Products filter and set to Unknown Products.
  4. Click Search
  5. Open an order to go to its Order Details page.
  6. Click Edit.
  7. Update the SKU and click Save.

To find orders using the Unknown Product Orders Page and bulk process orders:

  1. Go to Orders > Tools > Unknown Product Orders.
  2. Find the orders you need and select them.
  3. Click Process Orders.
  4. To assign different SKUs per item: 
    1. If you know the SKU, type it into the SKU field.
    2. To find an SKU, click Find SKU on the item’s row, then search and select an SKU.
  5. To bulk assign the same SKU to all orders:
    1. If you know the SKU, type it into the empty field on the top left.
    2. To find an SKU, click Find SKU on the top left, then search and select an SKU.
    3. Click Copy in Grid to assign the SKU to all items.
  6. Click Save to update the order details.

Set Unknown Product Orders on Hold

You may not notice an order has an Unknown Product straight away, which can lead to mistakes. It’s best to keep unknown product orders out of Shipbridge until you have processed them. You can configure this to happen automatically with the Order Rule Engine.

  1. First, create a Saved Search for Orders:
    1. Use the Custom Filter called Unknown Products and set it to show Unknown Products and Order Status set to Processing.
  2. Next, create a new rule:
    1. Add a condition where the Condition Type is Order Saved View. Then choose the Saved Search created earlier.
    2. Add an action with the Action Type set to Change Order Status. For the Order Statuses, set General Status and select OnHold.

Unknown Product Orders Page Details

Refer to the table below for descriptions of the filters on the Unknown Product Orders page:

Filter Description
Order Item Type Select what orders to show: Single Item, Multi Item, or ALL. When searching for single-item orders only, you have the option to find an existing SKU and update the order on the same page without clicking Process Orders.
Channel Include only orders from one or more sales channels.
Shipping Status Include only shipped or unshipped orders.
SKU Look for orders with a specific unknown SKU. This is useful for bulk processing orders as you will know that all of the results shown will be for the same product.
ProductId Requested Include only one or more unknown SKUs as received from the channel.
Treat as single SKU When you select Yes, you can search for multiple SKUs by separating them with commas. When you select No, the search will look for a single product that contains whatever you enter in the SKU or ProductId Requested fields.
Order Date on Include only orders that were placed on the channel during a selected time frame.

Refer to the table below for descriptions of the columns on the Unknown Product Orders page:

Column Description
Order # Shows the Sellercloud order number.
Items Count Shows the number of line items ordered.
Channel Shows the order’s sales channel.
Ordered On Shows the date when the order was placed.
SKU Shows the unknown ordered product’s SKU as reflected in Sellercloud.
Original Product ID Shows the unknown ordered product’s SKU originally received from the channel. This would be the Seller SKU on your channel listing.
Item Name Shows the product’s name.
Reference Shows the Order Item Reference generated by the channel.
Grand Total Shows the total amount of the order, calculated as such: (Subtotal + Shipping Total + Handling + Insurance + Gift Wrap + Tax) – (Discount + Shipping Discount).

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