Walmart Marketplace Orders Overview

Automate Walmart Marketplace Order Download and Tracking Upload

  1. Navigate to Walmart Settings. These settings are per-company based.
  2. Enable setting Enable Order Download. Orders download approximately every 60 minutes.
  3. Enable setting Auto Acknowledge Orders. – Will auto acknowledge orders.
    • A user should never manually acknowledge and order directly on Walmart Marketplace.
  4. Enable setting Enable Tracking Export. Tracking and Ship Date will automatically be sent to update the order status on Walmart Marketplace.

Shipping a Walmart Marketplace Order

Please Note: Walmart Marketplace Orders should not be shipped via FBA (multichannel fulfillment), in adherence with Walmart policies.

Walmart Auto Cancellation Policy

Walmart added an auto-cancellation policy that works as follows: If an order is open and marked unshipped for more than 10 days after the Estimated Ship Date, the order will be automatically cancelled.
SellerCloud will check the status of unshipped Walmart Marketplace Orders 10 days after their expected ship date. If the order has a cancelled status, the order status in SellerCloud will auto update to “Cancelled”.

Cancel Walmart Marketplace Orders

  1. On the Order Detail page, select Cancel Order from the action menu. Press Go.
  2. That will take you to a page where you can confirm the cancellation and notify Walmart.

Refund a Walmart Order

  1. Order Detail page > Action Menu > Issue RefundGo.
  2. Confirm the amount being refunded. Line item refunds and partial refunds are allowed.
  3. Select a Refund reason. Press Continue.
  4. SellerCloud submits this refund information to Walmart, and also adjusts the payment status of the order.

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