Inventory by Product Summary

This report provides total inventory quantity by product as of a specified date and time (based on the time the service runs, which is once per night and shown in the report’s Inventory Date column if the report is exported to Excel).

Inventory quantity and value is stored for every day up to 180 days. Before that period, SellerCloud only keeps a record for the first and last day of each month. If you select a date prior to 180 days, the report will take you back to the first day of the month.
  • Value is based on the Item Cost of the product on the specified date.
    • While there are 3 item costs available to use – Average, Last, and Site – the cost saved to the report is what the Client Setting Order Profit & Loss Calculated Using:________ was set to on the date specified.
  • By default, when the Warehouse filter is set to “All Warehouses,” the report will include dropship warehouses. To exclude those warehouses from the report and total, click the Do not Include Dropship Warehouses setting.

Click on a product to drill down to the Inventory by Product Detail report.

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