Wayfair Orders Overview


The article covers Wayfair orders: adjusting channel settings at the company level. Once integrated with the Wayfair channel, you can adjust automatic orders download, track your inventory and orders, or make refunds directly from Sellercloud. In addition, you can configure the invoices/packing slips either from Sellercloud, or via the Shipbridge app.

Automatic Wayfair Order Download and Tracking Upload

The company settings listed below should be enabled. You can find them under Settings > Companies > Manage Companies > select a company > Toolbox > Channels > Wayfair Settings > General Settings > Options panel.

    • Enable Invoice Upload – Invoices Wayfair for every shipped order.
    • Enable Order Download – Orders download approximately every hour. Make sure that shipping method mapping is configured. See below.
    • Enable Order Functional Acknowledgement – Informs Wayfair that the order document has been received.
    • Enable Order Acknowledgement – Informs Wayfair that the order will be shipped.
    • Enable Order Fulfillment Upload – Sends tracking automatically to Wayfair.The image shows the Wayfair Settings.

Wayfair Shipping Method Mapping

Wayfair will send a shipping code with the order to instruct you on how to ship the item. However, that code will need to be “deciphered and translated” to a shipping method recognized by Sellercloud. You can configure it from Settings > Companies > Manage Companies > Select a company > Toolbox > Channels > Wayfair Settings > Shipping Method Mapping.

On the mapping page you can mark a service as Rush. Read more about shipping method precedence here.

Additionally, the carrier used for shipping included in the tracking notification needs to be sent back in the code recognized by Wayfair.The image shows the shipping method mapping.

Wayfair Invoices/Packing Slips

As a fulfillment channel, where the customer is buying from Wayfair, the required packing slip must conform to Wayfair’s formatting requirements.

With Wayfair orders, a Wayfair-formatted packing slip will print out as the invoice from each order. This is done by default and requires no configuration.
You can configure the invoices/packing slips in Sellercloud and in Shipbridge.

Sellercloud Settings

You can configure the invoice settings from Settings > Comanies > Manage Companies > Select a company > Toolbox > Invoice Settings.

Additionally, you can configure invoice settings per channel by clicking on the Per-Channel Preferences option. On the new page, find the channel in the list > From the Invoice Type drop-down, select Channel Specific > Save. However, if Per-channel Preferences is enabled, you would need to configure the invoice as instructed here.

Shipbridge Settings

From within Shipbridge, there are a few different packing slip options that can be configured. They are controlled from Menu > Options > Invoice > Thermal > Wayfair invoice options button.

If you are using a 4×6 thermal packing slip, there are options to include the return policy, location notes, barcode, etc.

Cancel Wayfair Orders

Wayfair order cancellation must be done on the Wayfair seller portal. After cancelling the order, set the order as Cancelled in Sellercloud. To do that, go to Orders > Manage Orders > open an order > Actions > Set Cancelled Internally.

The image shows the cancel action.

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